Deep Time Diary Ver.2 Review. A diary that is perfect for writing every day and has high freedom

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Deep Time Diary ver.2

Deep Time Diary Ver.2 Review. A diary that's just right for every day and has high freedom. This year, I decided to be this friend

At the end of the year, the most worrying thing is choosing a diary. I really think a lot about what kind of friend to use. I've been writing my own diary for a long time, so I got a rough idea of what kind of diary would suit me. I prefer a guy who can use it every day. Not like a weekly diary. Surprisingly, I don't have such friends. I look at 3~40 at least every year, but there aren't many diaries that I want, but this year I chose this guy. This is Deep Time Diary ver.2.

Deep Time Diary ver.2

Deep Time Diary Ver.2 is my style because it is a year long and has a grid shape.

First of all, I like braille or grid notebooks, not just horizontal lines. This diary has a lattice shape, so the degree of freedom is high. Also, because it is a page in a day, it is enough to fill it 365 days a year. So it's pretty thick. If you think about it, the cost-performance ratio seems to be pretty good.

And it's not just one page at a time, but the overall composition itself, such as monthly, is okay, so I think it's good to organize for a year. The concept of a diary is that you fill in 365 pages to make your own book, but if you think about it like this, it seems good to write a simple poem without having to write a diary, or just write down what you think of. Of course, where is the format in the diary...

Diary-related chatter...

The diary that people who use diary usually use best is a friend called Hobonichi Techo, but I haven't actually used it, so I'm curious about how much it is. Like md note, it wasn't easy to buy at Tenbyten, etc. And it's extremely expensive... Even md notebooks aren't that expensive, but diaries are quite expensive. Moleskine, etc. are also at the level of folding. Sbuck diaryAt the level that seems to be a beneficiary... I wrote last year diaryThe paper quality and cost performance were pretty good, but in fact, I was a friend I bought with the aim of a bullet journal, but it was completely destroyed.

And since I'm definitely working, I don't have much to write in my journal. I don't really want to write down my work in my diary... So, there's a lot of space left, so I feel awkward... I think a rather light diary that can be written down simply from day to day will be fine. Still, until this year, I'm going to write a diary in the shape I like.

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