The moment I read the book, the movie version becomes obsolete, I am a legend.

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I'm legend

The moment you read the book, the movie version becomes obsolete,'I am a legend'

I'm legend. When I first picked up this book, I thought of a movie of the same name, so I just watched it with the mind that I was looking at the original, but when I started reading the book, I read the book really quickly, and obviously, the movie version I made was suddenly starting to look bad.

Robert Neville, the protagonist of this book, is a man who survived the world alone. Of course, there may be other humans elsewhere, but at least Neville is alone nearby. If you just write this, you may think Neville is a superhuman, but Neville is not a special person. He drinks whiskey often because he can't forget his family, and he is human enough to feel the vampire's sexual desire (though it causes such behavior). However, he only has the will to survive. Therefore, I was able to survive for three years in the harsh environment that is normal alone.

The Earth was ruined by a nuclear war, and there are vampires around Neville. The former Neville's friend also becomes a vampire, and this friend continues to sing the protagonist Neville. I don't know why, but like the typical vampires we think of, they hate garlic and crosses, and they die when they stake. Like a vampire, he hates sunlight, so he sleeps at night and is active at night. That is why Neville continued to kill vampires while active during the day when they were sleeping. It's a spoiler anymore, so I'll skip it.

Neville, the protagonist, was an ordinary person, but in a world full of vampires due to nuclear war, he became alone, became a fearful creature for them, and eventually became a legend. In these days, legends are used to mean something amazing like a legend of a legend... but the legend here means something mysterious and invisible... like a dragon or a Haitai. In fact, this means more appropriate to the original meaning.

In the world we live in now, of course, vampires are legends, but in the world where vampires live, ordinary people like Neville are legends. Even though Neville was sure to kill vampires, he was never special. However, as you can see in the latter part of the book, you don't need to be strong or have some abilities to become a legend, or special being. Even if they are slightly different from themselves, they become legends according to what most people or beings think. A legend may have a good meaning, but if you think it in a bad meaning, it means that it is a presence of horror, and the end of this novel is not good. The overall atmosphere of the novel is very dark, but until the end...

Personally, it is the best novel I have ever read. The first time you pick up the book, you might think it's a little thick, but the reason the book is thick is that it contains not only'I am a legend' but also other short stories by the author. I'm a legend, but the book is a little over 200 pages, and the book is short, but the speed of development is not a joke, so it reads really quickly. The movie version is excellent in its solitary atmosphere, but considering the gloomy yet speedy development of the original, I was very disappointed.

I know this book is the birthplace of the modern zombie. And I know it's influenced many people, including Stephen King, and you'll think it's worth reading a book. In a way, the vampire-like element above is something creative and has no other side at all, but it's far more exciting than a bit of a zombie. This book came out in the 50s... I think the old building is a famous building.

author : Richard Madson
publisher : Golden branch
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