Nintendo Switch Reviews! 1. Nintendo Switch new body

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Nintendo Switch New Body

Nintendo Switch review 1. Nintendo Switch new body

Now, starting in November, I was thinking about buying the Nintendo Switch that I really wanted to buy. Originally, I was thinking of Just Dance 2020 on November 5th, so I tried to buy it after that, but the Ring Fit looks so fun... This is why I bought the Nintendo Switch a little earlier than I thought. This time, I'm going to write a review of the new Nintendo Switch console as the first part of the review. Official site. However, you won't usually buy the switch from the official site, and I think many people will buy it from the open market. I bought it at WeMef, but the price and composition are constantly changing...

Nintendo Switch New Body
Purchased in the Nintendo Switch New + Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild set configuration.

The red box is the new Nintendo Switch.

As everyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch knows, the way to tell the old and new is by looking at the color of that box. If the box color is red, it is new. Of course, the difference between the old and the new is not that big. First of all, it is said that the game performance is exactly the same. However, it is about an increase in battery life. In addition, the fever is said to be a little different. However, if the price difference between the old and new models is not so large, it is better to buy the new one unless you can buy the old one quite cheaply. The battery life is a bit short to play while carrying the old.

Looking at the composition, I thought I made it really well one by one. Especially JoyCon.

When you open the Nintendo Switch box, there are so many components inside. Nintendo Switch body, Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Dock, Joy-Con grip, charging adapter, Joy-Con strap, and HDMI cable. After all hybrid...

JoyCon was more comfortable than I really imagined. When I was on Nintendo before, I honestly thought that the controller was a little uncomfortable, but I liked the Switch because it had all the small things. Easy to insert and easy to remove. And the sound of popping when inserted is a refreshing sound that feels subtly refreshing. It's the extent that I want to keep removing it. The screen size is also appropriate, so when it's annoying to play on TV, it doesn't seem like you can play games like you're just playing Nintendo 3DS. Even in bed before going to bed... I love it. Of course, the old battery is a bit short, so I don't think it will be long. However, when I put the strap over there, it went in even if it was +-reversed, but I put it in without thinking and it was almost a big deal. Be careful... I did it with force, but I was anxious.

Nintendo Switch New Body
That game is ring feet. Of course, it's only that screen when you first turn it on.

The Nintendo Switch seems to be great for both TV and portable.

I also connected the Nintendo Switch to the TV. I definitely like the big screen. It goes through a bit of a cumbersome process, but I really like this concept of carrying around and playing games and then connecting to TV to make a big screen. As far as I know, there is a slight difference between the resolution in the game and this part between the tv mode and the portable mode, but at least it seems that the gameplay will not be affected.

I hope there are a lot more games on the Nintendo Switch in the future...

Nintendo has been that way since the past Wii days, but there are not so many games themselves, and especially, there are fewer games officially released in Korea. Nintendo knows that very well, so nowadays, there is a movement to play well with indie games. It looks like it hasn't been going well for several years, but I hope there are good results this time... I also bought a switch at best.

Nintendo Switch New Body




I made it right this time... only a lot of games come out

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