Nintendo Switch Reviews! 2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Pro-Con), LCD film, handle

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Nintendo switch pro controller,
LCD film, handle

Nintendo Switch Pro controller and LCD film, handle reviews

Previous postI wrote a review of the Nintendo Switch main unit in. If you look at open markets such as Coupang and Gmarket, you can see a lot of things that sell Nintendo Switch and various accessories together. But most of them are just cool things, and in fact, the essential things in the switch are liquid crystal films. So, I bought a liquid crystal film. And while I bought the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I also bought a steering wheel, and I also bought a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Pro-Con) to use it as a switch and PC. Let’s write down one by one.

Nintendo switch pro controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Pro-Con)!

Nintendo switch pro controller. I like it very much.

It is one of the must-haves for those who want to fully enjoy the Nintendo Switch. It is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or Pro-Con for short. The price seems to be in the mid-to-late range of 70,000 won, but if you search the internet well, you can buy a little cheaper. I bought it in the late 60,000 won. If you look on the Internet, there are things like 20,000 won... Of course, they are not genuine, so you should be careful. It is said that genuine products have a Nintendo Switch mark on the front of the pad. Personally, I think that fakes don't use that mark?

As those of you know, Pro-Con is a gamepad that has a very good evaluation among the current generation gamepads. Some media say that some of the current generation pads are the best. Of course, all of these game pads are great in their own way, but Pro-Con is really this because it has been wrapped around the hand since the first time the pad was held! Wanted. First of all, the size is quite large. And the buttons are also quite large. It is also quite heavy. In addition, the grip part is also large and anti-slip is good, so this is my favorite game pad. However, it was said that the trigger was a simple digital trigger, but I am not sure of the details, but it is said that the speed control is not very delicate when playing GTA 5. I don't know because I haven't done it well yet...

Basically, it supports both wireless and wired. The recognition is also quite good, so you can operate it right away by simply pressing the Pro-Con button a few times with the switch on. It is said that if the PC version supports Bluetooth, you can play wirelessly. I don't have Bluetooth, so it's only wired... It's said that the battery lasts 40 hours, but you can think that it lasts overwhelmingly longer than other game pads. In 40 hours... It's like an old Cowon mp3.

However, Pro-Con is very good in terms of performance, but it is said that drawing luck is important. I haven't used Pro-Con that much, so I haven't had a problem, but if I pull the Pro-Con wrong, there are cases where there are problems with the cross keys or analog sticks. For example, the stick is just coming out... I personally want the improved version to come out soon.

How to connect the Nintendo ProCon Steam.

Originally, in order to connect Nintendo ProCon to a PC, it is said that you need to install a program. However, Steam officially supports Pro-Con, so you can use Pro-Con right away by simply setting it up.

The detailed method can be as shown in the picture above, but I will write it down again. If you enter'General Controller Settings' in the controller section of the Steam option, you will be in Big Feature Mode as shown in the second picture. In that state, you can use it immediately by pressing the switch pro setting support there.

On Steam, you can easily use it in the same way as above, but if you want to use Pro-Con in EA Origin or other places, it seems that it is a little inconvenient because it is possible to install a specific program. As expected, PC games use an Xbox controller... I have to buy an elite controller someday... 200,000 won...

Nintendo Switch Liquid Crystal Film

It is known that the LCD of the Nintendo Switch has a lot of gloss. So, it's the same for quite a few electronic devices, but it is said that liquid crystal film is also essential for the Nintendo Switch. As for the liquid crystal film, it is expected that all of the products will be satisfactory, so I think you can buy a good one. For reference, I bought it from the neighborhood Homeplus.

Even now, the LCD film for mobile phones is not very good, but in the case of the Nintendo Switch, honestly, if there is no air bubble on the screen, there is no problem in playing the game, so I was able to attach it a little casually. In my case, there are a few air bubbles outside the screen, but fortunately I put the film neatly on the screen. I'm really glad...

Nintendo switch handle

Originally, I wanted to buy Brawl, but Brawl is rated at the level of mangem without people in Korea only... It is said that all those who say they use vpn. So, after thinking about it, I bought a handle for the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Like the LCD film in the front, this handle was purchased from Homeplus. However, there is no such thing as genuine LCD film, but there are official Nintendo products for the handle. Of course, the price for that friend goes down quite a bit. About 15,000 won... I know the above link is genuine. I don't remember the details of the steering wheel I bought, but it's cheap. The first impression was that something was bleak. Maybe it's a difference in thoughts, or I felt a little worse than the genuine ones. Still, I was fortunate that there wasn't much to do with Mario Kart. Still, if the genuine product is not as expensive as Apple's, the genuine product seems to be comfortable.

Nintendo Switch Pro controller and peripherals




If you have a switch, you should buy it...

  • I used my own money to purchase and use the goods, but I can get a certain amount of commission through the activities of Coupang Partners.
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