[Looking back on 2018] 3. Stocks. Korea Optical Communication Investment Journal

Korea Optical Communication Investment Journal

[Looking back on 2018] 3. Stocks. Korea Optical Communication Investment Diary. Fortunately, it's a small amount, so I only see a little bitter taste.

Stocks started properly earlier this year. I had a lot of thoughts to try from before, but I was worried about when to start. Then in 2018, I started boldly. The period was when Korea was very booming. Considering this, I was very wrong from the time I entered.

I used to put 100,000 won into an unnamed stock before doing the stock properly. I used to be almost curious. result? The 10% flew in one week. I was fortunate that I only lost 10,000 won because I put in only 100,000 won. And when I thought,'If this was a salary... at least a few dozen to a few hundred would have been blown away?' I don't know if I should do it later, but when I was young, I thought I had to do it at least once.

The number of items that have been added for a year is about 4-5. However, among them, I am going to write about a review that put money in Daehan Optical Communication, an item that left a record of its own. Of course, since I am a beginner, I believe that no one will feel anything after reading my writings... But even if it is unsatisfactory, it is better to write an investment journal, so I just wrote it once. Please note that the investment diary is just plain and easy to write. This is the investment journal of Korea Optical Communication.

Korea Optical Communication Investment Journal

September 13, 2018 30 weeks for KRW 7230 for Korea Optical Communications

First, there were less than 10 stocks on the KOSDAQ with ROE and operating margin exceeding 20 per. Among them, three of my friends who increased when I bought it… Among them pus.

The PER was also half of the industry average.

It was sluggish until about three years ago, but from last year, profits have increased significantly. Perhaps that is why the stock price has also increased considerably from that point.

However, since the end of last year, the child has been going back and forth, so at least I thought it would not be a bubble right away.

The level of trading volume is not bad.

It wasn't bad even looking at the securities company.

Obviously, the performance was good, so I screamed, but it went down to 5,000 won... However, this seems to be the case because the world economy is snarling. But it was really selling like crazy. I went over 5140 won, so I hung it up to 5050 won for 50 weeks, but it was signed after about 30 minutes... Surely there seem to be a lot of gamblers. Well, anyway, I bought more because of a big gap, so let's wait. For reference, it went down to 4500 won at this time.

Originally, I thought it was over here, but the results came out in November, and the institution sold 2.5 million shares in one shot. I just became a good company from a good company, but that's how it was. I don't think it's a bad thing yet... Anyway, it was like that. No matter how good the financial statements are or what they say, it's just useless. Should I have sold it when the opportunity came... Anyway, I feel the importance of the time to live. If it's a stock that keeps rising, isn't it a profit to just buy it anytime? I wanted to, but I think it's better to live when I go down a little. And no matter how good the words are, it seems like this is why you should invest only in companies I know. My heart hurts... But it's a company that wants to see you for a long time, so I think I can wait a little longer. Long-term, long-term. I can't do a single hit in my life...

I robbed it on the 26th. Very sluggish and sold out. Honestly, if I endure until next year, it seems that it will rise, but I hated myself, who cried and laughed so trivially. It seems that I just sold it to Erai for around 4600 won. But after it went down to 4500 won, it soared again to 5,100 won on the 31st;; It's not very frantic back and forth. I regret it, but if you think that way, maybe another day... One more day... Then it would have been smashed again.

Well, if you think about the history and what I did wrong, the company is just okay? It was wrong to put the money first. If the company is good, isn't it possible to go up more? ㅋ This seems to be correct. However, just like you have to buy things as cheaply as possible when you buy things, you have to look at a good company and then look at the timing. Of course, this stock went down in one shot, so it would have lost money, but it would have lost much less, but this is a pity. One more thing I did wrong is that I had a lot of useless regrets. Honestly, I had one or two chances that I would not lose as much as possible. But it seems that I had a lot of dreams there, saying,'Oh oh no? And catfish... Of course I did it because I thought I had money in a good stock. However, if you don't want to, it seems to be very important to just boldly block it.

Honestly, he still thinks that it would have been good if he had done it for a few more years. But first, even this stock is a kind of curiosity? Or a test? I tried it with this personality, so I had a strong personality. From the next stock, I will try a little bigger plan. I lost some money, but I think I had a good experience in my own way.

Whoo... The more I look at the investment journal of Korea Optical Communication, the more I sigh. Still, there was so much I learned. I was smashed like that, but when I think about it, I think I learned it cheaply? I want to. I have learned a lot, so I wonder if I can try harder next time.

Looking back on 2018...

Looking back on 2018, this is the end of the series. I only hope that 2019 will be the year when the things we did, experienced, and started in 2018 will bear fruit. I hope all those who come to this blog occasionally are full of good things. Thank you!

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