Epilogue of the lecture of the masterclass Deadmouth.

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Master Class Dead Mouse Lecture

Epilogue of the Master Class Dead Mouse lecture. I think I should try it too

Master classThere are a lot of lecturers in the school, but since there are so many different fields, it would be desirable to listen to lectures in the fields you need most. Of course, I have a lot of people to listen to one day, but the first of them was to listen to a lecture by famous DJ Deadmau5. Honestly, I don't know if Dead Mouse is good at singing these days, and it seems that the album hasn't been released. And before that, I didn't know EDM very well, so I don't know much about Dead Mouse songs... I know a little famous song... I said something weird... This is the review of the Dead Mouse lecture. Master class home page

The contents of the lecture are mainly for beginners. That's why the content mainly deals with making music for the first time, especially because it appeals to the fact that music can be made with only a computer, so I rarely use instruments such as synthesizers, and work only with ableton live, some virtual instruments, and a mouse. Of course, I'm going to deal with a huge synthesizer in the middle for a while, but I don't make music using this one, and since edm doesn't have a synthesizer, I think I can move on to explaining the synthesizer.

Not only the process of making music, but also mixing, as well as the basic method of dealing with the synthesizer mentioned above, various tips for performing live performances, how to make a record and succeed financially, etc. It covers all the necessary parts.

Master Class Dead Mouse Lecture
I was lazy and it took me a long time to finish the lecture...

What is it easy to see in a lecture? As I think of it, I think I should try it too.

Honestly, while listening to the lecture, you should get some tips! This thought didn't sound much. Of course, some knowledgeable people may feel something great, but I'm not sure... But what's worth this lecture is that you can see how the world's top producers do the work. . In a way, this can be said to be one of the characteristics of composition, for example, writing or just work, if you don't know anything, you can't understand even if you look over your shoulder. However, in the case of composing, there is not a sense of speed, so I am mainly doing these things by seeing the composer work... or I do it this way... It seems to be relatively easy to grasp this way.

Well, it could be that Dead Mouse showed it only for lectures, and in fact, I would write with great machines, but judging that it was only shown in this lecture, isn't it much better than I thought? I got this kind of thought. Of course, in reality, it must have reached one of the world's best levels... but at least it looked like that in my Amanbo eyes. What I do right now won't make me like Dead Mouse... Still, when I listen to the lecture, I don't need long words, and it gives me the idea to try it now. It's actually very poor, but I've also started. I have to try this too. I think it was a lecture that was meaningful to me in many ways. It was the latter part of the Deadmouth lecture.

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