[This month's self-development] Master class Dead Mouse, etc. March 2020

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March 2020 Self-development of the month

Self-development of the month March 2020. Master class Dead Mouse lecture, two book books, poor diet, etc.

There was a lot of work in my own way, but I tried my way to self-improvement. Originally, I had to take a lot of master class lectures, but I was very lazy. I will use it little by little.

1. Master class Deadmouth Lecture Hear

Originally, it was not enough to take another lecture after listening to it all earlier, but somehow, I took all the Dead Mouse lectures. As the world's top producer, I was satisfied with how easy it was to compose.

2. Two book reports (Dohoon Kim Composition Method, Kill a parrot)

In March 2020, I read two books. Killing the Parrot is a book that I have to read within March, so I read it a bit hard. The book was a little big, but I was fortunate that it was interesting in its own way.

3. Record your weight

When I donated blood in early March, I was a little depressed because I was 92.8 km, but with my own efforts, it went down to 91.2. If I tried a little more here, would it go into the ebb and flow of 90 km! I wanted to... I'll write it down later, but I ate a little last week, so I gain a lot of weight;

On the other hand, in mid-March, I started exercising with the Nike app. But I tried one hard on my own, but only four times... I would like to reflect on more in April... but as of the date of this writing, the exercise was very sluggish in April. I will reflect on...

Last year, I did a lot of ringfit, but I don't do it well these days because I want to exercise while listening to Twitch or radio. I do it sometimes when I'm bored...

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