Reviews of Don Spike King Pork Cutlet. Cheese pork cutlet and sauce are delicious

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Don Spike King Pork Cutlet

Reviews of Don Spike King Pork Cutlet. Cheese pork cutlet and lemon sauce are especially delicious

My mother usually enjoys home shopping, but she sent me a pork cutlet. Don Spike King Pork Cutlet! It seems that the name was built with force. This is King Don's'Ka'

Don Spike King Pork Cutlet

Pork Spike King Pork cutlet is just pork cutlet and cheese cutlet. It is easy to eat as it comes in a cooked condition, which is the basic thing these days. It's very cumbersome to buy and cook only the breadcrumbs sold at the mart... It's good to eat one by one because it's in a bag one by one.


I am not sure if regular pork cutlet is so specially delicious. It's just okay. The meat was thick, so it was okay. Of course, it's much better than the pork cutlet we eat at our office for dinner...

But the cheese pork cutlet was pretty good. It tasted pretty good because the cheese was properly in it. It's not that cheese is leaking like any other restaurant, but this is enough.

There are also two types of sauces: regular pork cutlet sauce and lemon ponzu sauce. This sauce is pretty tasty. I wonder if I could sell the sauce separately. It seems to be better than quite a bit of a pork cutlet restaurant... Normal pork cutlet sauce is also pretty good, but lemon sauce is my favorite. Personally, my lemon friend is very delicious if I properly pickled (?) and eaten it, and the regular pork cutlet sauce was good to dip or pour.

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