Review of 6 brain training apps. Collection of games to improve your brain

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Brain Training App Review

Review of 6 brain training apps. Memorado, Peak, Elevate, Luminosity, Fit Brains, Brain Wars

One of my hobbies is to look around the usual iPad apps, but at first I was a little surprised to find these apps. An app that improves your hair! However, these brain training apps are far from actually improving your brain. storyThere is also. Well, these apps are organized in their own way. Our apps reinforce certain areas of the brain, and there are games that reinforce these areas... in this way. In addition, the app itself is fun and I definitely feel that I use my head while playing games, so I think it would be nice to use it with the feeling that I enjoy it moderately. This is a review of 6 brain training apps. I used the iPad version, but of course these apps also have an Android version.

Brain training app Memorado


There are two apps that have bought the paid version out of the six apps that will be reviewed from now on, and one of them is this memorado. However, it seems that there is no paid version for a lifetime, but I do not know the details. When I sold 50%, I purchased the paid version for a lifetime at around 40~50,000 won.

The overall interface of the app is rather calm. Other apps use the concept of using their head, so something wears their head!! This feeling is strong, but this app feels like playing games in a comfortable ~ comfortable atmosphere. Another advantage of this app is that the Korean language is very well done. Other apps do not have Korean language at all or feel that Korean language is poor, but this memorado Korean language is well done I like it.

The difficulty of the games is on the good side. Recently, I added a lot of healing and meditation games, but I think I have to pay for it separately. Still, it feels good that the overall concept is fully utilized. However, it seems that the brain development area is somewhat smaller than other apps. Still, the basics seem to be enough Comfortable conceptIf you like, this app will suit you.

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Brain training app Fit Brains

2. Fit Brains

This app Without service now There is. I was able to try this app because I had it installed before. Once the app was broken, the app itself was quite unstable. The app keeps closing every time I play the game. So before I even check,'Is this app broken?' This thought came to me. The app itself did not seem to be much worse than other brain game apps, but it was a bit painful to say that it was lost in competitiveness.

Looking at the company, it looks like an app made by Rosetta Stone, but Rosetta Stone is quite good in the field of language study despite the price being very expensive. However, even if this friend is already ruined, it seems difficult to be the first in all fields.

Brain training app Elevate

3. Elevate

This app came up with a slightly unusual concept among brain training apps, which is that it is optimized for learning languages, especially English. Is the difficulty level based on locals? Quite difficultis. Of course I may not be able to speak English, but at least I felt it was quite difficult. There weren't many cases where they were able to solve problems at once... There are various areas of study, including vocabulary and grammar. So maybe Perfect for studying EnglishThis is an app.

But the concept is caught up in English study Does not support KoreanHas a big drawback. Of course, you can use the English app while studying English. But these days, there are apps that have language study features, even if not as much as this app. Therefore, it is a clear drawback that Hangeul cannot be used without a choice. It seems like all these days, but I don't have a lifetime pass at all, but because the sale is full, the price per year is about 27,000 won, so I can't say that it's not that expensive.

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Brain Wars Brain Training App

4. Brain wars

This app is really slow. When I first ran it, it seemed to take about 3 minutes. And while I was playing the game, I felt it was still slow. The concept of this app is Two brain games in battle formatIs to do it. But when I did it for a while before, other people also kept increasing their scores, so oh, is it online? I thought about it for a while, but when I tried again, the other person kept paying 0 points. It's a game worse than a bot.

And maybe it’s nice to be a completely free app, There are so many advertisements I was very sorry for that part. Probably, it seems that it is still running, but there are no people, and when you run the app The part that can only be linked with Facebook unconditionallyIt was also somewhat annoying. I think it's an app that won't be weird when it crashes. I don't think anyone will use this. Therefore, please understand that I did not upload the link.

Brain training app Peak


The second app I purchased the paid version is this PEAK. And Personally, I like the best of the 6 apps That is why I could harden 40,000 won if I just bought this one, but I think a little bit, but since I wrote memorado in my own way, I try to think positively.

There is no specific concept like Elevate above. However, there are a lot of additional elements, so right now, there is not really anything that doesn't touch anything like language as well as imagination. Can develop various fieldsI think that is the biggest advantage. Fortunately, the additional elements are relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, although the Korean language is well done in its own way The language study function disappears if you use the Korean version.This is the downside. I don't know if it has changed now. However, it would have been really nice if you were studying Korean even though you were studying English in this way. I'm just using the English version.

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Brain training app Lumosity

6. lumosity

I haven't checked, but in the context this app is probably The original brain training appSeems to be. So maybe Most popularSeems to be. Overall, the app is fine and clean without anything special. It was said that the app originally developed five areas, but with the free version, there are three. Of course, other apps have a lot of limited functionality in the free version.

The regrettable thing is that it is a leader, so it seems that there is a little mindset of'we have enough of this!' A little lack of varietyI think I did. And of course there is no lifetime plan The most expensive of the six apps. Of course, discount emails come like crazy. The 40% discount is quite large, so if it is discounted, it is not very expensive. so that Those who want to enjoy aidRecommended to you.

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Brain Training App Review Reviews

As mentioned earlier, I like PEAK the most out of the six apps, but all four apps are useful except for the two that are almost ruined out of the six above. It seems that there were more brain training apps on Android, but I am sorry that I could not include it because I mainly use the iPad. If we have to deal with only the Android version later, we will deal with it. There seems to be no newer apps coming out on iOS except for non-mainstream apps. And the four types above, which are popular now, are quite distinct from the overall concept. So, it would be nice to use apps that suit your personal taste.

In fact, I used the above apps a little before and recently re-used them for review, but it seems that the trend has changed completely to monthly/yearly flat rates. I'm glad I bought it in advance. Still, apps aren't that expensive, so those who want to use their heads can enjoy it without much burden. As I said earlier, I almost always give discounts, so I suddenly say'Oh discount!' I don't think you need to do this. The review ends here. Thank you.

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