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dual sense

dual sense

dual sense review. I really like it... the best controller I've ever owned

Comparing the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which are the two largest consoles of the current generation, at first glance, the Xbox seems to have a lot of surprising features (such as saving the game even if you turn it off anywhere...), but the PS5 On the side, we put a big difference from the Xbox on the controller side. More details are given below. playstation 5 gamepad, dual sense It is late.

  • Although you can receive a fee for partner's activities, the DualSense Pad was a product that was included as standard when I purchased the PlayStation 5.
dual sense

The Dual Sense is completely different from the previous generation from its name to its appearance.

In the old days of PS2, the name of the PS controller was called DualShock 2, and it was used quite well at the time. Of course, the DualShock 2 looks very clunky from this point of view. Still, it was developing in a way like Dual Shock 3, 4, but I was pushed by more famous and better guys such as the Xbox controller in many ways (especially in Windows, the perfect Xbox pad is standard...) This time, the name was completely changed. appears to be overturned.

Since the name has been completely changed, it is self-evident that the appearance is different. To be honest, except for the placement of the buttons, it looks completely different to the extent that it has the same parts as the previous pads, so I thought that I had prepared it really well this time. He already won big in the console game market on PS4, but he wasn't arrogant Oh... Of course, Maso lost with a machine, but he was doing well with game passes, so it wasn't a level of vigilance.

As an aside, when I saw the pad in the picture, the color arrangement was like wearing white armor... or something like a squid... It had a strangely strange impression, but when I actually receive the pad, it doesn't feel that way.

I really like the Dual Sense overall!

I really like the pads. I don't have big hands, but it fits snugly in my hand. And the trigger button, etc. is the right size. my xbox based Fusion Controller PadThe trigger looks like a gun, so it's a bit large (with both pros and cons...), but the Dual Sense seems to be a compromise?

However, there is one thing that I regret. Triangle (12 o'clock) Square (9 o'clock) X (6 o'clock) Circle (3 o'clock) The button layout is different. Like the X changed to select, the circle to cancel. Of course, Nintendo seems to be doing the same thing, and most PC pads use Xbox pads, so it can be said that they followed the trend in a way... However, it seems that many people who enjoy PlayStation will find it difficult to adapt. I only used the pad for PS2, but I'm still not used to the Circle X... Well, it's a problem that will be resolved with time.

As an aside, the position of the left arrow pad and stick is different from that of the Xbox or Procon, so it doesn't follow the trend yet... I saw writing like this. If it's good, it's symmetrical. If it's bad, it's an opinion that it's uncomfortable because the stick part is underneath. This part has become the design identity of the Dual Shock, so I think it's an inevitable part, and those who play PS often don't seem to have felt much inconvenience in this part. It seems to be individual.

It feels like the PS5 is different from the Xbox Series X with its pad.

These days, there is no difference between console and PC games except for exclusive titles. On the contrary, if the computer is good, there are many reasons to buy a console, but one of the things that distinguishes the two seems to be the pad. Of course, there are PC pads, but there are many games that do not support consoles on the computer side, but almost all games on the console side are optimized for vibration. And DualSense is called a haptic trigger, and it is said that it was made to express vibrations in very fine detail, even the sound of rain. To be honest, I haven't played the game that much yet, so I haven't felt it yet... but the ax vibration was very intense when playing God of War. The game basically has a pretty good hitting feel, but the vibration is so great that it really reminds me of the old PS2...

In addition to this, there are various functions such as a touchpad, so the price is high and the battery is very short. Still, I thought that this pad would greatly contribute to the evaluation of the PS5, while the PS5 does not have much of a differentiator than the Xbox Series X in terms of mechanics. Nintendo Switch I bought before ProconOf course it was good, but I really like this dual sense. However, when using it on Windows, the Xbox pad is the best...

Dual Sense Cleanup

Good point

  • The design is good
  • Vibration is very good


  • The use of circle X has changed
  • Before actual use, I felt that it looked strangely strange.
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