Dropbox paper review. It is more useful than I thought. But Android is so...

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Dropbox paper

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper review. As a web version, a document tool with both performance and uniqueness. On Android, that's...

What makes Dropbox really great is that cloud storage such as Microsoft and Google, the world's largest companies, are on equal footing in one field. However, Google and Microsoft are not only in the cloud, but also with additional features such as MS Office Online and G Suite respectively, and the cost performance is getting better. Dropbox wouldn't have been able to stay still. So Dropbox has already made a similar documentation tool. Dropbox paperis. Google Play Link, App Store Link

Dropbox Paper

The Android version of Dropbox Paper is different

I first came across Dropbox Paper as an app. Secondly, the interface felt a little clunky, and the app wasn't something hard and smooth. There are things that can be used as a function, but I wonder if it will become a game for Evernote. Of course, Dropbox Paper is also the main function of collaboration, so if it is good for collaboration, it will be a really useful friend, but it is a little difficult for me to grasp that... As an individual like me, this friend has less merit.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Google and Microsoft each created document tools, and although they are not direct competitors, Apple also has iCloud. Of course, iCloud is usually used for backup, but there are some people who use it for the cloud. Eyecloud also provides free pages and keynotes. Of course, I'm not sure if the page is a popular app, but at least recently updateIt seems that competition is still fierce when I see it.

In my case, because of Microsoft Office (now Microsoft 365), there are some aspects of using OneDrive, but honestly, I'm building Dropbox for Dropbox Paper? I don't think I'm going to think of this. Google Docs also seems to be better than Dropbox because their functions are good, and MS Office also has a huge interface with a smartphone. In particular, Ward was really surprised. Excel and PowerPoint are pretty good, but please pay attention to one note...

It's a little bit weak, but I think Dropbox was a great gift for those who already use Dropbox. However, it hurts to think of just looking at this friend. It's a bit big, but personally, I didn't think the cost-effectiveness was good.

The story so far is only Dropbox paper Android version only It is a story to see. Originally, I tried to write and finish the reviews in this way. However, I tried using the web version in case I wanted to, but it would have been a big deal if I had really written a review without using the web version.

The web version of Dropbox Paper is really good.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the web version I have used, but I thought a lot,'Ah... this is real...'. First of all, Dropbox Paper does not have more features than existing tools such as Word. However, the more you actually use it, the more 'Document tool with only the necessary functions'I thought it would be right to see it.

First of all, the list of shortcuts is arranged so that you can see it, so you should not use the mouse as much as possible, but to use the shortcuts as much as possible.Although the tools you can use are limited, they are tables, timelines, and tasks, so it gives you the feeling that it contains only the essentials. Also, a feature I personally like very much is that there is a table of contents on the left side of the document, so you can quickly grasp the document. It's a pretty cumbersome feature in Word... as a bonus, you can freely edit the text, whether it's a bit of a block type.

An app that is differentiated from existing document tools, but has only the necessary functions

I rarely use shortcuts and work with a mouse, whether in Korean or Excel, but many developers Markdown I like to work only with the keyboard without using the mouse as much as possible. So Dropbox Paper seems to have developed a shortcut function. Personally, there is a list of shortcuts, the table of contents is automatically on the left side of the text, and if you look at the timeline, as you can see, this Dropbox paper is very beautiful and cannot be implemented in Word, which is used for document printing. After analyzing existing document tools such as MS Word as much as possible, ApplicationI thought. Personally, I hit this the highest.

Honestly, even those who already use Dropbox will use Excel or at least Google Spreadsheets in any office. Also, when writing a report, of course you would write MS Word, right? In Korea, I will use Korean... Anyway, I think it is the result of the mindset that writing the same document tool will be nothing different from writing Word. Oh, of course, there seems to be a high probability of using the report as this friend inside Dropbox. Anyway, the collaboration function is well developed, and looking at whether it is Amazon or Tesla, it was simply written as a single sheet for a report, but foreign countries seem to have a simple and clear culture as a whole.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is quite useful as a document tool, but It's a little disappointing for bloggersI thought about it. Anyway, I'll usually use it alone, so I don't need the collaboration function very much. The timeline and table are neat and cool, so it's great, but if I go to the blog, I don't think it looks like this. Really Tools you should only use in DropboxIs.

The Dropbox Paper iPad version isn't bad, but it's just plain

The iPad version of Dropbox Paper is not too bad, but I am very disappointed that I do not feel the coolness of the Dropbox Paper that I praised so much earlier. In the beginning, on the iPad Apple noteThere are not many friends who have escaped the design of the style. but iA WriterI ScreenerLikewise, even if the basic frame is similar, it is regrettable that it was possible to create a unique design as much as possible.

If you use Dropbox in the future, I will use it quite a bit.

Dropbox Paper was pretty disappointing on Android, but I found it really valuable when used on the web. I used to One Note There were many friends who were secretly disappointed, but it would have been nice if I knew this friend earlier. Maybe he paid for Dropbox instead of OneDrive... Well, Office has Outlock and Excel, so I think I would have chosen OneDrive...

Oh, when I think about it, there's one thing I didn't mention, but Dropbox paper is also freeIt is also a pretty big advantage. Of course, Microsoft Office and Google Docs are competitors, so it is obvious that you won't use it for a while. Anyway, it was a better app than I thought.

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