Logitech Stream Cam review. Small but powerful streaming camera

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Logitech streaming cam
(Logitech Stream Cam)

Logitech Stream Cam review. Small but powerful

Originally, I had no intention of buying a cam. I was thinking of doing it someday... but I was thinking about broadcasting because it's a hobby anyway. I wanted to do something by showing my face with this thought, but as I thought about it, I finally changed my mind to buying a cam headsetI bought it at an expensive price, but eventually I also bought a cam. My money... LogitechLeeLogitech Stream Camis.

Logitech Stream Cam

Logitech streaming cams look small and concise

First, the cam looks pretty neat. Well, it's normal for all the cams to be small, but this stream cam feels like nothing more. And it's easy to install. It can be used with the feeling that you can tighten it anywhere without any such thing. Of course, one USB line is basically given.

However, there is one regret here... It is natural to give USB by default, but it is natural that this friend was given to connect to the computer, right? But the port isn't the one that connects to the computer. It's a guy that has USB-C ports on both sides, so it's difficult to connect to the computer... Was it made this way for a laptop? Personally, I wonder why I made it this way. Well, I'm an assembly computer, but are there a lot of times these days computers have USB-C? I would like... First of all, there is nothing inconvenient in basic use other than this.

Logitech Streaming Cam is easy to use and has a lot of features.

There is a software that works with the cam. Logitech CaptureIs called. I haven't been able to confirm whether this streaming cam works with other software, but I wonder if this software basically supports a lot of functions, so I really need to use a different one. Taking a video for a smartphone, broadcasting the Internet, applying text or various effects... Of course, I think that software pages such as OBS are also in the recommended list, so it seems that it can be linked.

Of course, speakers are also supported, and it is easy to change the aspect ratio horizontally or vertically (however, if you just remove it, turn it and reinsert it, it is good to use it depending on the purpose). There are various functions that seem to have something, such as camera shake technology correction, smart auto focus, etc... For more detailed reviews, I will write additional reviews after some actual broadcast. When I just tested it by myself without turning on the broadcast, I thought a lot that the quality was very good in various ways. My skin was so exposed... Hmm... It was dawn at the time, so my tired face was still... Hmm...

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