Review of LIVART Izmine Friends Steel 800 5-fold bookcase. Big and tidy bookshelf

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LIVART Izmine Friends Steel

800 5-tier bookcase

Review of LIVART Izmine Friends Steel 800 5-fold bookcase. It is a large and neat bookshelf!

As I recently moved deskEven though I bought it, it was a small number, but I also read books, so I couldn't buy a bookshelf. I decided after thinking a little. This is the LIVART Izmine Friends Steel 800 5-fold bookcase.

LIVART Izmine Friends Steel 800 5-Tier Bookcase
Big, clean and pretty!

The LIVART Izmain Friends Steel 800 5-layer bookcase is great because it has free assembly service.

The best thing about this bookshelf is that the driver can even assemble it for free. Libart probably knows it as Hyundai, but the assembly service costs as little as a few thousand won, and as many as tens of thousands of won. When I got home while working, I was surprised to find a bookshelf at home.

The LIVART Izmine Friends Steel 800 5-tier bookcase is large and neat.

The product is also big, especially because the height is higher than my height(Of course I'm a little too surprised...) This is a neat bookshelf overall. The bookshelf itself is not very characteristic. At first, I wanted to buy a unique and stylish bookcase, but the price is also the price, and I have some books, so I wondered if I could afford it. So, for now, I bought a good bookcase. However, I didn't want to buy a bookcase that had all sides blocked. Something looked stuffy. And it's also difficult to clean... So I bought this bookcase a little.

There are more bookshelves than I thought, with both ends of the bookshelves just flat, and this friend prevents the books from falling. Personally, this is important. If you can't support both sides, even small, the books will just drop off. However, it's just a diagonal line, so if you look at it without thinking too much, things like small notebooks may fall.

The price is not very expensive, and I like the bookshelf because it is pretty if there is a book, and it is neat without it. I bought a friend with an 800 width, but if the house was large, I would have ordered a bigger and more, but it's just a shame. Still, I am satisfied that all my books are in the bookshelf now and the space remains appropriate.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Big, clean and cheap bookshelf! Overall it's okay.

LIVART Online Friends Steel 800 5-layer bookcase (white white oak), white
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