Microsoft Outlook review. Obviously, it's a good tool, but the downside is quite...

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Microsoft Outlock
(Microsoft Outlook)

Microsoft Outlook review. Obviously, it's a good tool, but the downside is quite...

Outlock was known as a friend when I was in computer academy when I pressed the wrong mouse button. However, I took over the popular Sunrise Calendar and became a friend with a lot of features by adding a calendar or something from a simple mail client. Microsoft OutlockI tried it once. However, I focus on the to-do function that is of interest to me.

I don't know much about mail, so... I'm still interested in the application to do, so I tried this and that, but Outlock is quite well-known, and it's definitely a paid software because I'm a friend who can use it only when I subscribe to Office. . So I was very excited and tried it. Wishing Outlock to be the king of the end...

Microsoft Outlook

Windows version Microsoft Outlock.. I was very disappointed

Honestly, when I first opened Outlock, I was quite disappointed. because The interface is too clunkyI did... subtracting the color Screener version 1It reminded me of. And although there were actually a lot of functions, I couldn't get rid of the feeling of playing everything separately. So I was a little disappointed. If you want to use the features, you have to find everything one by one, and did you really want to use this? I thought this was not good because I heard a lot of this. The Windows version was really disappointing.

Web version Microsoft Outlock is much better

When I first used the Windows version, I was very disappointed, and I watched a lot of Microsoft YouTube videos, but the screen and interface that I know are very different. Turns out, Microsoft was using the web version of Outlock in the official video. I'm just using the Windows version for Excel and PowerPoint... Anyway, I tried using it with hope.

The web version was much cleaner from the first screen. And the organicity between services has been greatly strengthened. Representatively, the feature I was most looking forward to in Outlock, Connectivity with Microsoft to-doThis is very fine. Tick the items on the Microsoft to-do to the calendar in Outlock and you're done! Of course, when I looked up the Windows version, there was a function, but honestly, I wasn't a friend who was asked to apply.

However, this did not happen from the beginning. I wasn't able to do it at first, so I kept looking for a solution and found a solution, but this is only possible by creating an outlock email, not just a regular email. To tell you what I understood, this seemed to be the concept of having two mails, one that I used before and one that was created for convenience. So I created an email address for Outlock and changed the login method and succeeded. I searched for Google, etc. and finally figured it out, but a blogger in Korea wrote it down. I wanted to write a thank you comment, but he blocked the comment... linkThank you, Romana.

In addition to the connection with the above The function itself is very powerfulDo it. First Multiple calendars themselves Because you can make it, you can create multiple schedules for different people or for different purposes (for work, for personal use, etc.), so if you look at the official YouTube, you have a calendar for each employee, making it easier to identify where both schedules are empty... Is used as an expression. In addition, there are relatively few options that can be set by Microsoft to-do, but Outlock can be applied in detail in this way on several Wednesdays of every week. Also, because it is well connected with Windows, it is also an advantage that the'Schedule' app inside the window is also synchronized.

However, the web version of Outlock also has its drawbacks in several places. A typical calendar is with monthly calendars. Slightly raising and lowering the calendar, then noIs. For some reason, it can only be raised or lowered for a month. Why the hell... And the details of the options mentioned earlier are definitely the advantages, but friends who want to have a bit of performance, such as Google Calendar and Kakao Calendar, which came out recently, support all of these features. Also, I don't know why this is also like this, but if you write'All-day event' on the calendar, the only time you can set the alarm is 9 am or 5 pm. Of course it is possible to add something, but it is quite cumbersome. Like this Functionality is strong, but overall lack of flexibilityDo it.

Android and iPad version outlock

The Android version of Outlock is There is not much different from Google CalendarIt. But personally, the Android version seems to have a better function with Google Calendar. The functions are almost the same, but Google Calendar also has the ability to achieve goals. But personally, I think Outlock is a little better for readability (?). However, the two are so similar... However, the Google Calendar looks a little difficult to recognize personally.

If I write down a bit of aside, I think Outlock is better on PC (of course, the web version). Google Calendar is not translated into Korean on the web itself... Google Calendar as well as Google Keep is well connected, but I feel that I didn't pay much attention to it for PC. Foreigners and those who speak English well will both use it appropriately.

Anyway, Outlock for Android is fine without much to mention, but the more peculiar thing is that it is easy to use rather than the web. There is no problem with the Android version of the calendar uploading part mentioned earlier as a disadvantage of Outlock. Why on the web...

The iPad version is also fine overall. It is almost the same as the Android version, and the screen is larger than the Android version, so it is good to know for sure. Posting the frequently mentioned calendar works well. There's nothing to say much...

Overall Review of Microsoft Outlock Review! The web version is very fine. It's a bit unfortunate, but...

Outlock overall had a lot to know, so I thought it was a very good application. However, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to say good things about the Windows version.

But this part is also Zenkit ReviewIt seems to be similar to the story from The interface doesn't have to be neat. Also, since Outlock is a software with a long history, it seems that if it changes rapidly, it might call back the so-called old users' backlash. So, the web version was made neat, and the Windows version was made classic, so I wondered if I was trying to catch both users?

He's one of his friends who is used as an end-game king in the office, but there are so many strong competitors such as Google. I want to. Still, Microsoft Office is still the most widely used in the world, so I think Outlock will have a strong position. I am very sorry for my lack of knowledge about the mail part, which is the core function of Outlock... In the future, if I have an office anywhere and I use Outlock more actively, I will post additional reviews at that time.

Also, when I recently looked around, a friend named Project Moca was running as a beta version, but this part seems to have come out really recently. I think I should write more and write separately.

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