Microsoft Word review. It's less used in Korea, but it's also a great word processor...

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Microsoft word
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word review. Software that is less used in Korea but has great performance. After all, the world's most used word processor...

I recently paid for OneDrive. Originally, I didn't plan to pay that much, but one of the real reasons (?) to buy OneDrive is Microsoft 365I decided to try. Of course, those who work for quite a few companies will use Excel and PowerPoint. That's why I'm going to review Word and Outlock, which people use relatively less. Access first passes... Anyway Microsoft Word reviewis.

  • Since Korea uses Hangul more often, I think I will write in a way that compares with Hangul. However, since the Hangul used by our company is 2010 and Word is the latest version, Hangul is too unfavorable for objective comparison. I hope you take this into account.
Microsoft Word

It is a word processor, word that 90% of people around the world uses. In fact, you can say that everything except Korea is writing words. Nowadays, communication with foreign countries is increasing, so I heard that Koreans also use words more than before. In that sense, I also reviewed.

Basic advantages of Microsoft Word. Overall, it is clean and very optimized for writing.

First of all, the most surprising thing about using Microsoft Word is that it is optimized for reports, etc. The form part automatically fits snuglyIs. For example, I wrote the first draft of this article in word, but the end of each line is always the same length. I don't know the version of Hangul these days, but at least in 2010, the length of the sentence varies depending on the length of the word, and the letter spacing should be actively used, but word does not have to. 1. 2. The length of the list is also properly lengthened.

In addition, the basic interface of Word is also clean, and if you use the ribbon menu in addition to the basic menu, The screen is really neatBecomes. Korea also these days Notionor Evernote Beta There are many people who use it on the back, but distraction-free is one of the functions that are almost essential when using writing tools abroad. iA WriterOf course. It is mainly used by people who write articles without losing concentration for a long time, such as novels. Of course, those who have good concentration like me and who press each function with a mouse can use the basic interface, so it seems to satisfy both types of people.

When it comes to Hangul's strength, shortcuts are often mentioned. Quite a few functions are all shortcuts. Actually, my senior was from an administrative soldier, so his skills are enormous. But Word does not know the shortcut Convenience is very advancedI think I did it. Personally, the part I feel big is the file title, I don't know about Hangul 2020, but in the old version I'm writing, you need to'Save As' to change the file title. However, in Word, you can change the title right away by simply tapping the title at the top of the screen. In addition, it shows immediately that functions such as layout are done in this way, and it is excellent in convenience. For example, if you specify an area that can only be seen in a notion, etc., a simple form window appears above the area. Block EditorOn the part where income is very urgent...

Also, I personally impressed me that the keyboard cursor does not just jump over, it goes over naturally. It's pretty soft and smooth, giving it a big feeling of writing. It doesn't feel like you're hitting it, it's like wearing it.

And Surprisingly stableIt is also difficult to ignore. chamberlain One NoteConsonants, which are commonly said to be broken, are very frequent, and Evernote is very good when writing, but for some reason, it is very slow when viewing document information (such as the number of letters). Ward hasn't seen this problem yet. Of course, Evernote is about seeing a lot of problems after about 10 years...

And it's the part to be mentioned later The mobile view is pretty goodis. Interface Best of Android AppsIt can be said. And recently Microsoft EditorHas been updated, and I am going to write a separate review for this, but for now, it seems good to just skip it regarding Korean spelling. However, it is interesting to note that it is not really possible to catch errors such as typos, but the spacing is surprisingly good. The color of the underline is different at all, but the part underlined in blue also provides the basis for conversion, which further enhances the credibility. I haven't tested the English part yet, GrammarlyI ProwritingAid Etc. Existing grammar correction software is probably getting a little nervous. Looking forward to more updates. For reference, it was a part that I considered quite a bit before writing OneDrive, but I was disappointed with the Korean language...

Disadvantages and regrets of Microsoft Word. There is little merit when using it personally...

First of all, there was less regret for Word itself than I thought. but It’s unfortunate that it’s compared to Hangul. It was seen in several parts. Honestly, it should be said that this part is very well made in Hangeul. Representatively, if you double-click on the base station, it becomes a twin station...

However, among the various functions in Word, there were some things that wanted to be'why did you make it this way?' Representatively, send to the web or friends in multiple view tabs... I don't know if I couldn't use it properly, but it was really hard to find a reason for using it. I would like to have the proper function integration as well.

And as if Is it less optimized for Hangul? The parts you wantThere is also, but representatively, if you look at a part like the'immersive leader', do you become immersed by watching this? I think of this a lot. In this way, it is a little different from why you made it like this simply,'Did you not pay much attention to Korean?' I can see the parts that I think like this from time to time. Of course, it's my own perspective, and many of you may not think so.

Meanwhile, I was disappointed about the kind of direction that comes from the character of a word processor.Word is not performance-related, but whether it is the priority to use it for reports, etc., like Evernote, etc. Cannot be used as a kind of notebook onlineI was very sorry for the part. No matter how comfortable you say, in the end, Word creates a file, opens it, edits it, and is stuck in this framework.

Of course, OneNote plays a role in Microsoft Office, but it is much more pushed than Evernote in the personal writing area. While maintaining the function of Word, the pen function, which is the merit of OneNote, was saved... Was this an ideal part? Or, by strengthening the connection, you can freely move documents from Word to OneNote, etc... It seems that you need more of this function.

Meanwhile, speaking of rivals to Microsoft Word in foreign countries, Google docsProbably, the strength of Word Extension functionI pulled out, but I was disappointed that the number was very small compared to the Google document. In objective numbers, I would say that there are many words, but they are compared a lot. Personally, I'm really, really disappointed... Is it a bit tricky to put an extension in Word? Word can also be used for free on the web, but I wonder if there is any other reason.

And personally, honestly The merit of having to write a word! I didn't find anything like thisIt. Those who speak English will certainly use it, but in these days, those who are individual users or work for IT companies, I think it is possible to lightly replace Word with the various tools mentioned above. If you don’t need the many features of Word Dropbox paper It's because you can use friends that have only the features you need, such as.

Microsoft Word Android and iPad version

First of all, the Android version is very well made. There is a menu for mobile, but I could feel that Microsoft was very concerned about the mobile UI, not just the size that was adjusted to mobile like Evernote. Personally, I have used many Definitely #1 among writing appsis.

However, as mentioned earlier, the writing tool was made very well, but it is a pity that it is not a tool to watch for a moment like Evernote. Limitations of a tool called a word processorI will say. It is really urgent to integrate proper functions into OneNote...

I also like the iPad version quite a bit. It seems to be made based on the ribbon menu, so it is very neat. The iPad has a rather large screen, but it also supports mobile viewing, so it has a high degree of freedom. This is enough to work with just the iPad. I used about 150 writing apps on the iPad, but they are almost the best. ScreenerWon't be pushed The same.

Microsoft Word Review General Review

Microsoft Word was the best word processor to use compared to any other document app. Of course, it is not without drawbacks. And there are also many competitors, but thanks to these competitors (?), I think that Word is not idle and continues to develop. Personally, I am very sorry that Microsoft does not seem to show much interest in Korean as a whole...

Personally, there will be a lot of feedback from all over the world, but I am sorry that there are many parts that I want to see if there is no improvement. Updates are subtly several times a month, but it's a pity that error correction is the main focus. Are the features that I think are just my thoughts, or is it okay in English, or whether users have become accustomed to it or do not use that function... The truth is unknown, but there are many parts to be improved, and I expect a lot see.

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