MacBook Air M1 Special! Part 1, Appearance and Design. It's a pity, but it's still a MacBook

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MacBook Air M1

MacBook Air M1 Appearance and Design

MacBook Air M1 Special Part 1 Appearance and Design. I bought it like I was possessed, but it's pretty

After a lot of thought and contemplation on my own, I finally gave up... It's the MacBook Air M1! I already have friends who are pretty good at computers, and I already have an iPad, so I ended up destroying my MacBook. If you think about it, it might sound a bit impulsive, but I have no regrets. Since I will be sharing a lot of personal stories, I think this will be a long post. Of course, I try to mark that part so that it can be skipped as much as possible.

In fact, it might be best not to write miscellaneous content, but it still tells me to keep my hands down... I'm not an early adopter, so this diameter is a really big choice for me. Whoops... After all, if I had a lot of money, I would be able to build all of these things... Anyway, let's start. Apple official website

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    MacBook Air M1

    What motivated me to buy the MacBook Air M1?

    • This part is my very personal motivation for buying a MacBook, so you can skip to the next part.

    To be honest, I had no intention of buying a MacBook now. First of all, MacBooks are a bit expensive, aren't they? And my computer is actually good enough. And since I have an iPad, I wasn't thinking too much about the MacBook. But I was thinking of buying the MacBook itself 'someday'. Because I'm studying very little with the goal of game development right now, when I make iOS apps, I need a friend called Xcode, this friend only works on Mac...

    Another popular music creation program (DAW) is Logic, which also supports Mac only. However, I didn't make money from music yet, nor did I have that much musical aptitude, so I decided to buy a Mac later when I was able to get some level of skill. But in the end I ran out of my MacBook.

    If this is an excuse, it is because of excuses, but in the end it is because of study. Even when I was studying other things, I studied everything at home except for hagwon time, and I can do all the other studies at home. I don't watch the lecture, but when I do something with a computer, I do something else... So even when I was studying at home, I only played music or lintel on the computer, so my studies were okay. I do a lot of ... so it's a bit urgent, but I screamed.

    macbook air m1 box

    The MacBook Air M1 is small, light and pretty. But the design is always the same...

    It's definitely pretty to see the real MacBook like this... The color is gray, but the color is a little different from the MacBook experience at E-Mart etc. Both are gray, but the MacBook at E-Mart is a little darker? It's gray, and my MacBook is a very dark gray color. So at first I thought I bought the wrong one, but the M1 is right, so I'm satisfied for now.

    To be honest, MacBooks are pretty, but these days, looking at the design alone, there are many people who are prettier than the MacBooks, so I don't think this MacBook has any merit in itself anymore. To be honest, if the design of the MacBook is pretty good, there is no change, right? But I think there must be a reason for the small change. The iPhone 13, which is released this time, has hardly changed... You may have thought that it was in the final stage of design.

    These days, there are many friends who almost don't have bezels on laptops, and I use iPadThere are barely any bezels, but this MacBook Air M1 has a bit more bezels. Is it something to understand because the MacBook is the cheapest Apple product? I don't know about the MacBook Pro...

    MacBook Air M1 2
    The box is big, but the contents are small...

    I understand why the MacBook touchpad is good. But the mouse...

    One of the things that Windows users like me cannot understand is the MacBook touchpad. I used to use a laptop quite a bit in the past, but the laptop cost 1.7 million won, so it was quite expensive, but I haven't used a touchpad once in 4 years. That's why the touchpad didn't work for me, and it was actually a little bad and annoying.

    The touchpad on the MacBook Air M1 is definitely nice. However, it is not at the level of 'no need for a mouse' that Mac users often say. One thing I like about it is that there are a lot of related actions. Basically, there are various actions such as moving with one finger, the role of the right mouse button with two fingers, and flicking the screen with three fingers, and of course it is possible to change the action.

    It was a little difficult to get used to at first, but soon you get used to the touchpad naturally. There are times when it doesn't work, but it's rare, so you can do it.

    He's such a good friend, but he still can't beat the mouse. To be honest... But I understand why Mac users say things like that. A close brother of mine bought a MacBook a few weeks ago, and he gave me great reviews for the MacBook. And the YouTube video that showed me how to use the MacBook is how to use the 'terminal'... My younger brother is a developer, so it's convenient for him to use the keyboard, so I usually do it with the keyboard and then use the touchpad to assist with the keyboard... I was told that I don't need a mouse because I'm used to it.

    But as I will write about it later in the MacOS review, I really don't like the way the keyboard does everything like that... Maybe it's because I'm not a developer... Anyway, to put it back together, it's true that the touchpad is good. But honestly, if you're not a developer, you can't beat the mouse...

    I like the keyboard on the MacBook Air M1 quite a bit.

    The MacBook keyboard feels pretty good. Of course, it may not be as good as expensive mechanical keyboards as they are thin, but considering that they are very thin, I think this is enough. And I personally prefer a quiet keyboard, but the MacBook keyboard is also very quiet, so I like this as well. So, even if there are so many MacBooks in the Starbucks, the noise is...

    The keyboard I'm using now seems to have been around for about 4 years, so when I buy a new keyboard in the future, I was thinking of buying one that can be used on a Mac. Of course, since the laptop is so small, the arrow at the bottom right is too small, I use a keypad, but there is no keypad, and I am used to Windows, and there is no delete key... These three are unfortunate, but it is understandable. I'll pass.

    As a side note, there are a lot of keyboard funding on Kickstarter, etc., but most of them advertise as if they were to replace the MacBook keyboard, and most of them put their keyboard on top of the MacBook keyboard; I think I'm going to get a little upset at Apple. Even though it's not that bad of a keyboard...

    The MacBook Air M1 has some disappointments, but I am satisfied with it.

    Other than that, the speakers seem to be just fine. The Mac mini that came with him had a lot of bad reviews as a speaker, but I don't know if I'm a nerd, but I think this is okay. Quality is another aspect that Apple always emphasizes, but I think it's all good if you're not a photo or video expert.

    I said a lot of things that I regretted earlier, but I think that this is enough for the MacBook Air M1 in terms of appearance. Personally, the screen is too small... I know that the big screen M1 hasn't come out yet, and the price is probably over 200, so I don't think it's the friend I'm going to buy. To be honest, I would like the laptop screen to be 15 inches, but the 13 inches also strangely fits in my backpack and I think it would be nice to just carry it around...

    Personally, I think a lot that if the MacBook was touched, it would be a complete body. But if it were made like that, would it be more than 3 million won due to the nature of Apple? Whoo...

    Since I bought an expensive MacBook, I have to write as much as possible to get rid of the mulberry (?), so I will write a MacOS review for the 2nd edition of the MacBook Air M1 special. I still said a lot of good things about the appearance, such as design, but Mac OS... I can't really find anything good to say when I use it... How does he gain 16% market share... We'll see you soon.

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