Maxim diary review. The cover is huge, but the deception is normal...

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Maxim Diary

Maxim diary review. Compared to the cover, the diary is sad (?)

Maxim Diary. The first time I saw it, the cover was quite provocative, and I was surprised. After all, this is Maxim... I felt like this. Where did you come up with this idea... Of course, this design was aimed at, and because it was surprisingly difficult to unravel the bra, it was intended to practice every time you open the diary...

Maxim Diary
I can't see it, but there is a Maxim logo under the diary.

However, the real diary deception was very commonplace. So I was a little disappointed (?). You can make any number of deceitful things. For example, because Maxim takes a calendar every year, you can put a picture of the model at the beginning of each month in the diary... This is not particularly difficult, because there was a recent Maxim 10 50% event. I saw it, but the quality was very good. Not only the quality of the picture, but also the composition of the calendar was full of sense. But why is the diary so plain except for the outer part... Is the version I got a bit bad? What premium version was the original version? In addition to me, I think there are many people who received the diary and felt regret. I can buy next year's diary if there is any event, but I hope for a lot of progress. The car center calendar mainly featured cars and models, so the diary has an office in the background... something like this;

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