MacBook Air M1 Special! Part 2, MacOS. It's worse than I imagined, but a friend loved by developers and others

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MacOS (MacOS)

MacOS (MacOS)

MacBook Air M1 Special Part 2, MacOS. I found out why the market share is 16%... No, it's surprising that they use only 16%.

MacBook Air Special Part 1explained the appearance of the MacBook. There are a few disappointments, but overall I liked it, and I mostly wrote a good story. But as we will continue to talk about it, it's hard to say anything good about macOS...

Maybe the reason for using a friend called Bootcamp, which allows you to use Windows on Mac, which I now know is not available on the m1, is because the Mac is out of date? I thought. Furthermore, an Apple engineer would be the best in the world, but honestly, is this stupid part also the part you were aiming for? I think a lot about it. Actually, I've talked about the conclusion of this long article, but I'm going to try to write down the parts I felt one by one. Mac OS official website

  • I already had a lot of bad reviews from the first paragraph, but this article Since this is my very subjective writing, there is a chance that other people will have different opinions. high. It's just that he thinks like this... If you think about it, I'd appreciate it.
  • As of this writing, based on the latest macOS Big SurThere may be many changes based on those who use the old version or the latest version in the future.
  • And this article is for Windows, especially recently updated How does it compare to Windows 11?There are also a lot of comments, but I am not good at expressing myself, so please understand this as well.
Table of Contents
    MacOS (MacOS)

    The App Store on MacOS is very poor compared to that of iOS. First of all, the app itself is not much...

    I thought about where to start writing, but the part where I moved the mouse cursor while using a Mac for the first time was the App Store. First of all, there are a lot of apps in the iOS App Store (there are about 500,000), and in contrast to the fact that even though there are so many apps in the Red Ocean, there are really no apps in the App Store of macOS.

    And recently, with the release of the m1 MacBook, I heard that iOS apps such as iPads can also be used. However, the latter is highly probable. If you look at the App Store, you can't remember the exact word 'macOS version not found, for iPadOS...', but there are many apps that do this. It seems that these kids are iOS apps available on m1.

    Even though there are a lot of users, developers don't expect much from the App Store, but there were a lot more apps that were not in the App Store than expected. Maybe it's because there aren't a lot of users, but seeing that the Mac version is not in the App Store even though it's available... Developers don't seem to want much in the App Store.

    Of course, this is the same for Windows, but I know that Microsoft is planning to update the Microsoft Store while updating Windows 11 (actually, nothing has changed except for the appearance...) and also plan to upload an Android app soon. In fact, the Microsoft Store seems to be made for tablets such as the old Windows Phone and now the Surface, so it is a little different from the case of Mac. Still, it's important to make a major overhaul. Maybe that's the part Mac was aiming for? Should I be grateful for not restricting the app ecosystem like Apple does?

    I think it's a characteristic of macOS or the level of the app itself...

    And apart from the lack of apps in the upper part, if you look around the App Store, there are a lot of apps that are of poor quality, I think this is due to Apple's unique closure. Typically, Bandizip is free for general use in Windows and relatively recently paid for with paid features, but in the Mac App Store, you have to shut up and just buy it… I don't know how it is on the official website, but it is in the App Store.

    Also, as most of you know, you can use any number of video software such as kmplayer on Windows, but you have to pay money for all of these on Mac… It doesn't matter if you have to pay money to buy it. If it's a great program, you can afford it. but In Windows, you have to pay your friends, who are just basic, in Mac. It's true... Because Macs are so closed, even these basics have become a kind of merit. Well, the app, etc., will somehow shield them...

    It seems that macOS is definitely a convenient tool for developers. For developers...

    Overall, the appearance of macOS and iOS is similar. However, the decisive difference between the MacBook and the iPad is the presence or absence of touch, but they do not seem to care much about this. Of course, there are many people who use Macs as well. First of all, Apple developers would use Macs for a while, and they themselves would be the world's top programmers, so they don't seem to use or make inconvenient tools for themselves. Have you ever made a tool that's just right for you?

    And as I mentioned briefly in the first part, my close brother is a developer, and he highly praised the MacBook. And he sent me a YouTube video to show the Mac features, and that video is related to the 'Terminal' feature. By the way, this terminal looks similar to cmd on windows. Developers use the keyboard to open files and do everything, and when switching windows, they do not use a mouse and swipe with three fingers on the touchpad, so Mac is convenient.

    Whether or not the strategy was taken this way, spotlight, one of the features of Mac, is popular in its own way. It certainly gave me strength in this way, as it certainly gave a mission to not use the mouse... The touchpad is better than I thought...

    But these parts It is far from the public-friendly part. Windows experts only use cmd. Of course, I'm not a developer, so I don't know the details of the difference, but you mention that the features that both have similar features are special on Mac? After all, I think it's Apple's marketing...

    At least if you look at the UI part, innovation is much more in Windows.

    • This part is about Windows, so if you want to see only MacOS, you can skip to the next part...

    Let's talk about Windows for a moment. One of the most popular parts of Windows is the UI. Windows always worry about this part as the version goes up. Of course, it doesn't always succeed, so it changes a bit too much like Windows 8, and I personally think Windows 10 is a complete version, but most people didn't take full advantage of the UI part of Windows 10. That's why Windows 11, which came out this time, has become a bit simpler. So personally, I feel very sorry for this part, but first of all, the big change itself is an attempt, and it is a move that can be understood to some extent. Let's go into a little more detail.

    I really liked Windows 10 because I like to organize the programs I use mainly in folders on the Start screen and sort them systematically. Personally, I am very sorry, but the reason is self-explanatory. Because most people haven't used Windows 10 this way. In Windows 10, when you press the Start button, there are a few tiled programs on the right side of the Start menu, but there were a lot of people who just left these in their default state when they first installed Windows 10. That said, there's no problem using them, but usually just treat them as they don't and use them like the old Windows 7 days.

    The reason may be that it's just annoying or that you're used to it, but neither is bad. So I think Microsoft decided to go a little simpler this time. People don't even use it? Like this... So, by my standards, there are a lot of things that I honestly don't like, but I'll deal with this separately later, and the start button is also controversial, but I think this is also an attempt by Maso to innovate. It's because you changed the start button again, even though you've already done a lot of damage (?) by touching the wrong start button.

    One of the things I personally like about Maso is that it has an open source mind. Maybe it's part of the beta testing system. Actively encourage such features as 'try first', Official siteIt has been systematically categorized by features under development / released features / released features. As a result, in Word or Windows, etc., the product usually doesn't seem to change much, but one day something is added out of the blue. In Windows 11 this time, the things they tested in the past were almost aggregated and reflected. Of course, it still needs a lot of reform, but...

    Apple, on the other hand, doesn't look like this very well. Of course, there are some internal testers, but since the company itself is closed, I know that the Mac is updated every year, but the update history and icon have changed like this. Safety Compatibility Let's skip this for now.

    Mac seems to have thrown away the popularity and the current market share is about 16%. Artists, developers, polar apps, etc., or people who have developed some sort of curiosity while using Apple products, seem to think that the Mac is good enough. After all, recognition, popularity, and money are secured enough with iOS.

    Instead, this 16% seems to instill a kind of sense of choice in Mac users with each of the elements mainly used in Mac or Mac only in order to capture it clearly. 'We can do everything with the keyboard~ Windows can't do without the mouse, right?' In this way... Of course, the 16% is a sizable number, so it seems like a kebab. But among so-called apps, there are a lot of people who have a genuine sense of superiority. The total number, at least as a percentage, doesn't seem to be small... I also had a big experience a few years ago... Whoa... Old thoughts...

    The finder who gave me a lot of annoyance (?)... At first I thought I was scammed by the carrot market...

    Although Apple is famous for its intuition...

    Actually, for the first time, I had a bad perception of macOS. It is because of a friend called finder that plays the role of explorer on Mac. But it's not like this friend rides through folders one by one like Windows Explorer. And it seems that Finder also performs some of the functions of the Windows desktop. However, there was one problem that I did not understand even now because it is not divided in such a way as the desktop and explorer like Windows.

    At first, when I try to download another program, all of a sudden it says that there is no space... 'What? Surely there is a lot of capacity?' I thought this way, and I didn't change the download path, but it kept saying there was no capacity. So, after searching, the answer I found is to move the download folder to the desktop. Then it suddenly happens. The reason is unknown. If anyone can explain, please comment... The post that saved me, I thanked you in the comments, but the blog owner doesn't know what the principle is... For reference, I looked at the comment window once more while writing this post, and commented that this method doesn't work either...

    Still, macOS has some fun features. Personally, when I open the touchpad with three fingers, all of the currently used apps appear, but it doesn't come out neatly like Windows, but it feels like it's literally unfolding. I like it because it's pretty fun regardless of whether it's good or bad. This seems to be one of the user experiences (UX) that Apple is aiming for.

    Apple is famous for its intuition, but it's probably not just digital, it's the user experience of using a real object. For example, when flipping a book, other products are designed to work digitally from left to right, but Apple makes it behave as if you were flipping a real book. As a result, there are many things that work the opposite way... It is difficult to say which one is better because of the difference in design thinking. It's better to be comfortable ^^

    Personally, I think it's pretty fun. It's like ripping through papers on a real desk...

    There are a lot of bad reviews, but there are many reasons to use a Mac... MacOS Advantage Parade

    I mentioned earlier that the overall app level is low, but of course there are a lot of great software on MacOS as well. Apple's official apps, such as Final Cut Pro and Logic, which are already somewhat famous, are probably representative. Also, although it is not an official Apple app, there are many prominent friends such as Ulysses (I personally want to use it as soon as I buy an iPhone), sketch, and Pixelmator that can only be used with the Apple operating system. Screener, iA Writer, Affinity series... And among the development programs, there are a lot of guys who only support MacOS than I thought. The more I write, the more I think, is he really a good guy for a developer?

    And in Korea, Hancom MS wordHowever, many scenario programs are also used in foreign countries. Of course, the most famous of them is a friend called Final Draft, who is available for both Windows and Mac, but for some reason there are quite a few writing software available only for Mac. And people who make apps with iOS have no choice but to use a Mac because of Xcode... This part is frankly a strong sale (?)... Another famous friend is Apple's dedicated web browser Safari. I haven't heard of it, but it's pretty good on Mac. I am going to write a new article about Safari.

    In addition to this, there are also advantages that I personally want to point out. Software you buy once and use over and overThere are still many more on this Mac. These days, subscription-based revenue models are definitely the trend, but Macs are not yet. Personally, I like this way. I'm a bit possessive... I've already bought a lot of iOS apps. If I use a Mac a lot in the future, I think I'll buy some macOS apps too. Of course, by choosing and choosing good friends...

    It's full of criticism overall, but Apple's strategy is clear, and people who use it with a Mac will definitely like it. With the exception of some apps, I think the target is well-targeted. Maybe the reason I got this bad review is because I'm not yet a developer/artist/professional. Also, if you see that FaceTime and chatting are also secretly upgrading versions, this can be a good tool for those who only use Apple products such as iPhones. I think that the popularity that Apple is aiming for may be part of this. The interoperability of Apple products that Apple always emphasizes...

    In fact, because of the criticism (?), the length is too long, so I have to explain it in haste, but the sidecar function is better than I thought. They are well aware of the 13-inch small size, so they compensate for the shortcomings in this way and create the effect of making the iPad wear out.

    And although I haven't tried it yet, the airdrop looks pretty good too. Seeing this, an iPhone is absolutely essential to use a Mac... Have you found the cause of my bad reviews? Someday I too will use an iPhone and an Apple Watch and become an expert at something, and then all of a sudden it will become a malicious app, etc. Ahem Mac is the best~ Mac users are superior and know something.

    I was a bit impulsive too, but there is a reason I bought a Mac, so I'm trying to use it to the best of my ability. In fact, there are parts I still can't get used to, and these days, while touching Unity, I get a lot of swearing at Macs, so I think I need to get used to it a bit more. Also, I think it would be better if I write a lot of articles on my blog. Actually, there are a lot of people saying that the MacBook Air M1 is good and good, but I think I need to do some serious work to use this friend's performance properly. Someday, I wonder what kind of story I will be talking about when I write a post like this one year after Mac.

    Mac OS Cleanup

    Good point

    1. Most tasks can be done with the keyboard
    2. There are still many one-time purchase apps
    3. There are some funny animations or actions
    4. The more Apple devices, the better the Mac functions.


    1. UI is less popular than expected
    2. With the exception of some apps, the overall app lacks and the quality is low.
    3. Without Apple devices, a lot of Mac functionality would be lost...

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