[Tumblebuck] Epilogue of Monster Hunter World official set-up databook. Fans are unconditionally...

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Monster Hunter World Official Setup Kit

Epilogue of Monster Hunter World official set-up materials Fans are unconditionally...

I didn't do that much in the Monster Hunter series, but I liked this unique worldview and illustrations so I bought several Monster Hunter illustrations. Those reviews will come next time... Anyway, I opened my wallet right away because Tumble Buck said that this time it was going to release the Monster Hunter World set-up. I’m really glad to work.

Monster Hunter World Official Setup Kit Set
The composition is quite rich!

Personally, I wish there were more illustrations, but I understand

It wasn't a collection of illustrations, but a collection of settings, so there weren't that many illustrations. Since it is a set book that has a lot of CG, I think I should think that it is. Maybe CG is probably more familiar. The graphics are better. Still, the book itself is very thick, and I like the composition because it comes out carefully one by one from the characters. However, the receptionist somehow put in something weird and came out ugly... Anyway, I think it's a quality that Monhon fans can't miss. It is probably a translation of the original version in Japan, but it is also official.

I like the set of set-ups because they are rich in composition.

When sponsored by Tumble Buck, you can choose from a number of sets, but I picked the version with the CG large and long pads. Of course it was because of the long pad. It was my first time buying a jang pad and I just wanted to take this opportunity. The quality is pretty good. It's like a PC room... Other sets had mugs, but I really like the jang pad.

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