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[Wadiz] Review of Balance Core. Exercise equipment that performs core exercise while sitting...Sure...

Balance Core Machine

Balance core period. Exercise equipment for core exercise while sitting as usual

I used to Swedish posture I bought the product and still use it whenever my shoulder hurts. And the balance code product Waist cushion, Chair cushion, Neck pillow, just PillowI bought almost everything and are using it very well. And this funding is a product that Balance Core directly contracts with Swedish Posture to fund. I bought it right away. Balance Core Machineis.

Balance Core Machine

The balance core machine is simple to use, but the movements are not as easy as expected.

The basic usage is very simple. You just have to sit down. It is said to use some kind of anti-vibration rubber, but even if you sit down, the body moves slightly due to the structure of this exercise device. It seems that it becomes exercise in this process. Of course, usually your legs will be on the ground, so the effect of exercise is not that great. Is it better than sitting still? The product description says that it should be used for 15 to 30 minutes per use.

This guy is like a real workout when he raises one or both legs. One of the exercises officially described is raising one leg and holding it for 10 seconds. I can do it without much difficulty, so I don't think it's a difficult move, but it's not that easy. If you don't focus on your own, your posture will quickly get distracted. There is also an exercise to raise both legs, and this exercise is said that the first person who does this exercise will not be able to last for more than 5 seconds in the product description, but I couldn't hold it for even 1 second... Description videoIn Esau, the model lasts for about 5 seconds, but this is pretty good... Of course, the problem is that my body is not so good... I don't know if other people can last 5 seconds 10 seconds . I'll just work harder...

The balance core machine seems to be a bit expensive...

The product price is 97,000 won at the Wadi's funding price, and about 140,000 won if it is officially sold later, so it seems quite expensive. I use it once or twice a day, but I'm not sure about the noticeable effect yet. You will have to use it longer. And it's a kind of exercise device to the last, and it's not like a completely professional orthodontic device, so it's rather bad if you sit for too long. As if you can't do exercise all day, you should use this friend, take a break, use it, take a break, and use it this way to get the proper effect.

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