[Tumblebuck] Batman's 80th Anniversary Art Book-Epilogue of All About The Dark Knight. Not a book, it feels like a museum...

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Batman 80th Anniversary Art Book

All about the dark knight

Batman 80th Anniversary Art Book-Epilogue of All About The Dark Knight. A book that looks like you have been to a museum.

Honestly, Batman... I am not that much of a fan, but I thought I couldn't miss this great opportunity because it was said to be an 80th anniversary art book. So, my hands moved arbitrarily. Batman 80th Anniversary Art Book-All About The Dark Knightis.

Batman 80th Anniversary Art Book
The atmosphere from the cover is amazing... There is a poster on that wooden stick.

It's really huge and it's a black and white picture that you can see as soon as you turn over a few books... I thought Batman was this old. There is also a cartoon that seems to have reproduced the comics at the time, but it was written in 1939. Hacㄷ Of course, it is very different from now that Batman was created, but if you think about it 80 years ago? At the time, I wondered if a design like this would be incredibly refined. Also, since it deals with everything about Batman, not just cartoons, it contains quite a lot of content such as movies, dramas, and animations, which is really amazing.

It's the best gift for fans, but just like me, I just watched a few movies and played a few games, and for people like this, it's just a novelty. Since it is a composition that looks back from the past to the present, there are a lot of pictures from the past, but there are not many things to see. I wonder if there were such colorful books among the books I read. It's amazing, it's not, but the real interest is huge. As it covers from the past to the present, it comes to the Dark Knight Rises. Of course, the Arkham Universe comes out. Even if it came out just a few months later... I really regret that if it came out just a year later... No, if it came out only a few months later, the Joker would have come out too, but that's really disappointing. Oh, the Joker doesn't have Batman, so it doesn't come out...

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