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[Wadiz] Review of Vension All-in-One Multihub. I don't think it's bad, but is it particularly good?

Vention All-in-One Multi Hub

Reviews of Vention All-in-One Multihub. The performance is not bad, but a friend who looks more special after uploading it to Wadiz

This is a multi-hub purchased from Wadiz. This is a friend who came out to cover both USB and USB-C types. The overall performance doesn't seem to be bad, but how about Wadiz? I am a friend who keeps thinking that I am. Vention All-in-One Multi Hubis.

Vention All-in-One Multi Hub

It seems to be a good product because it is recognized in its own way.

Recently thisthat Since I bought a lot, I didn't have enough ports... As a bonus, I funded it because it could be connected to a smartphone or iPad. When I actually use it, it is recognized to some degree (not perfect, but to some extent...). And because the price was on the cheap side, there was no such thing as regrets about buying things. I haven't tested it, but it also supports USB memory, so it might be better to use depending on the user.

It's good, but why don't you go to Wadiz? I think...

However, as mentioned for a while at the beginning of the article, it is a product that I think of as Wadizro? If you search for similar multi-hubs, such as Coupang or Naver, you can find them in a row. Multi-hub also has some technological differences, but that doesn't mean that this product is not a manufacturer. I felt that funding with Wadiz was just a kind of tactic.

This is a multiport I bought in Wadiz. The performance doesn't seem to be bad, and it's actually recognized to some extent (somewhat…) even on an iPad or Android. However, if I am not misunderstanding something, what I bought in Wadiz is something peculiar to the crowd. I think other friends could have shown good performance with multi-port... Maybe it's my premature judgment. Actually, I am continuing to fund and the business is going well. Well, it would be good if you definitely buy good stuff

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