Sites and Blogs 10 Collections of Valuation Sites!

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Site, blog valuation site

Sites and Blogs 10 Collections of Valuation Sites!

Nowadays, since YouTube and various social media are more active than personal sites and blogs, there are quite a few sites that measure the ranking of social media such as YouTube or Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. One day, I was curious about the value of my WordPress site, so I searched Google on my own, and there were many sites that evaluated the value of blogs more than I thought. In that sense Sites and blogs 10 sites that evaluate valueI collected them. These kinds of sites will usually be used when selling your own site, but I expect many people like me will be curious about the current blog value.

Probably there are more sites than the ones I have written here, but I'd like to say that most of them will be used out of 10. If you have any better related sites you are using, thank you so much if you let us know in the comments... For reference, there are several sites that measure blog ranking in Korea (Blogor Blog Chart Etc.) Naver blogs, widely viewed, only support up to Tstory, so it is impossible to measure the value of WordPress or personal sites. To be precise, it seems that blog yum only works with Naver blogs, and what code I have to put in blog charts, but my blog was not certified as if I did not know how...

Personally, the peculiar thing is that there are only small differences when looking at the 10 sites. Basically, you can see that they measure the value of the site by referring to similar figures (alexa rank, Facebook, SNS, SEO figures, page views, etc.). The value of my site was over $23 for a small site, and $2300 for many... That's why it seems good to trust one site you trust the most, or refer to several of them to judge the value appropriately. For reference, I am planning to use 5 out of those 10.

My old Tstory addressWhile some sites were not measured at all by measuring the value, there are some sites that were extremely high in value, so there is an estimate that it is measuring the traffic of the entire Tstory, but the details are unknown. Anyway, for that reason, the sites below Recommended to use when measuring the value of WordPress, personal homepage, or specific sitegive. Those who use Naver or Tstory use the two sites linked above.You look good.

For reference, in this article, Measure value or expected incomeIt is a collection of sites that do. Sites that show how well SEO is doing or the status of the site itself will be covered later. please understand.

1. Worth of webs

Site, blog valuation site
Site, blog valuation site

Personally, your favorite site, blog valuation siteis. It shows your site's estimated value, estimated revenue, estimated traffic and visitors, Alexa Rank, UX/UI score, domain score, and more. First of all, they have measured over 11 million sites, so it seems to be the largest among the sites listed here. And there's nothing really special, but I like the overall interface and the results are straight out. However, my blog value is very low here, so it hurts... This site is engaged in various activities such as running blogs related to the site as well as other measurement tools related to the site. Checking out on similarweb, it seems to be in the 253th place in the social marketing field, so it seems to be the most used among the sites here.

2. My website worth checker

On this site, you can see estimated page views, number of visitors, income, traffic figures, various SEO and SNS figures, hosting information, and malware infection. Among similar kinds of sites Characterized by showing quite a variety of figuresis. As an aside Despite the fact that the site called "Plagiarism" is probably plagiarized because the domain address and logo are different, although I am not sure which site was created first. For reference, there have been articles from several Tstory users saying that the value of Tstory is measured on that site, but my Tstory was not measured for some reason. Shouldn't I be able to do it anymore... Or treat my Tistory as a child abandoned...

3. website overview

This site doesn't measure the value of your site in terms of money, but it's good to measure the metrics you need for your blog, such as title tags, meta, keywords, site maps, and page size that are commonly used on the site. And it's nice to know how well your blog is getting scored by website score. Personally, it would be nice to measure the monetary value as well, but it can be called the tea of jade. But One of the best places to keep track of your blogI think.

4. Website Outlook

This site is related to basic values The numbers come out simply This is the best way to check your blog's worth. I can see the semrush figures that other sites don't seem to have, but I don't see it... I can also know the location of my site, so it might be helpful to someone. However, it's good to check it out, but it's a bit unfortunate that there is no detail or that part. For reference, this site is still caught on similarweb, so it seems that some people use it. It is ranked 741 in the Internet/Telecom field. Not high...

5. siteprice

First of all, this site has its own reputation. It is quite mentioned in quora, etc., and 353 in Internet -> Domain field on similarweb. But personally, I am very sorry that I do not like the site. It seems like I was trying to pursue a simple interface of my own, but it feels like I'm seeing a site that was created in the past, about 10 years ago. Personally, I would like to say that a full design overhaul is necessary. But still, it's good to show some of the figures in their own way. Of course, there is nothing to be caught because my site is of low value...

6. my site wealth

Personally, I like this site because the interface is very clean. Except for what was truncated in the alexa part... Minor interface errors are jade. In its own way, it shows these and other numbers and also shows the site speed, but as with all these sites, the site speed part is a bit difficult to apply to Korean sites. There are many reasons, but to mention one, those sites will have servers in foreign countries, so there is an unavoidable loading time due to the distance between countries. The peculiar thing is that my blog The value comes out very largeIs. It's a little too big, but it's just amazing.

7. check website price

Personally, I don't like this site. First of all, the value of my site is too low... black and black... and it seems that there are a little less than 100,000 sites measured, so it seems that there is still a long way to go than the top friends above. The numbers related to social media are also somewhat weak. Still, all the basics are supported. So I don't think it's a bad site. I think it's a difference in taste.

8. up site worth

Even this site is fine without anything great. But I don't like it very much. And I don't know why this site also doesn't seem to have a rather large site value personally. Still, it measures things in its own way. I am not going to use this site.

9. starchest

When I measured the value on this site, it was just amazing that my blog value was enormous. If my blog is valued according to this site, I will soon have a lot of money... This site is also just fine without any great big deal. Personally, it's not good. There is still a long way to go for design and other parts.

10. sitehunter

I don't know if this site is due to my lack of blogs, but the figures weren't good enough, so I couldn't use it personally. If you look at the interface, you can see the effort to arrange it in its own beautiful and colorful way... I haven't been able to get rid of the feeling that the function itself is not good enough. I don't think I'll love this site unless I further enhance the basic display features.

Earlier, I said that I will use 5 sites, a blog valuation site. worth of web, website outlook, site worth traffic, siteprice, my site wealth I think I will use these five. However, these are personal preferences, so you can use whatever you want. I will shorten the text here. Thank you!

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