Introducing my blog! -December 2020 update in progress

This blog KingpinStudio focuses on games and IT, but it is my personal blog and a blog that contains everything about me. So, I still have the most readings... but I'm improving little by little. This blog introduction also keeps improving as my blog evolves.

The approximate direction of the blog

First of all, the first direction of my blog 'I write down my everything'is. My blog is a bit mischievous overall, and that's why. Unlike the blogs that I ran before, my blog this time minimizes small talk, but instead, I tried to put my everything, so it became a miscellaneous blog with all kinds of things such as reading books, various things, WordPress, etc. But it's not like writing anything without anything.

The overall feeling of my blog is 1. Game 2. IT 3. Self-development 4. Others.

First the game. Honestly, it's sluggish because I don't have time to play these days, but I aim to play the game and post a review. If I had more time, my goal is to make it on YouTube and do it like Game Spot or IGN, but it's still a bit lacking in terms of time and ability.

IT is the most used part these days, but I was originally interested in the app itself, so I installed a lot of things. So I write the contents little by little, and I also like the WordPress ecosystem, so I use a number of apps, and I am moving this part into writing.

The self-development part is the part that needs to be filled the most in the future. I am continuing to study little by little, but simply studying and writing a blog is another problem... I am preparing little by little.

Other than this, there are some small reviews and other things that haven't been written yet but are potentially prepared.

Current blog operation stage

I am preparing to increase my personal productivity while writing the above writings, and I am practicing it little by little. The writing itself is writing in its own way, but I still don't feel that it is systematic, so I write it systematically little by little and I am preparing to develop myself. Even if I don't write it right away, I'm improving myself little by little every day. I'll show you soon.

If you do not use WordPress below this, you do not need to read it.

WordPress plugin to use

There are many plugins in WordPress. I wrote down the plugins I use and a brief description. Later, when I write detailed reviews, I will also post reviews links. As of this writing, I have a total of 41 plugins, including add-ons. I use it quite a lot. Too many plugins are said to be bad, but there are also many opinions that the number itself is irrelevant if only slow plugins are avoided because each developer has different ideas.

In the middle, I try to use these and other plugins for testing, but I plan to update them occasionally.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro: collectively known as ACF, it is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. However, it is quite complicated to use, so I currently do not benefit from this plugin.

Ajax Search Pro: A search box plugin. The magnifying glass on the right side of my blog is this plugin. Although it is a paid plugin, I like it because it has a lot of features despite its relatively low price.

Akismet Anti-Spam: A plugin that filters out spam. This plugin is also one of the most essential plugins for WordPress.

Asset Cleanup-page speed booster: This friend is able to set certain css or js not to be loaded on certain pages. This is a principle that speeds up the speed by making sure that no-necessary friends are loaded at all. First of all, I am using it well.

CoBlocks: Among the Gutenberg plugins, this is a plugin that is supported by many people. It contains not only blocks, but also many functions, such as font change.

Content Aware Sidebars: Sidebar plugin. Normal themes already have a sidebar function, so it may be unnecessary, but in OXYGEN I use, you have to install this sidebar plugin. The overall function is fine.

Custom Taxonomy Order: In WordPress, categories are randomly assigned in alphabetical order, and the order is changed as I want.

Easy Social Share Buttons: There are also a lot of SNS sharing plugins, and among them, few plugins support Kakao and Naver. Also, I was dissatisfied with Addthis, which I used for a while because it was quite slow, but I like this plugin because it is very functional and fast.

Editor Enhencer for Oxygen: Oxygen's basic interface is a bit bad, but the interface has changed to a little more like it, and there are some small features.

Editor Plus: Block editor plugin. My old blog ReorganizationI wrote it in, but it is a very precious friend to me who has adjusted the length of this post now.

EditorsKit: Greatly boosts block editor performance. If your normal block editor text is just at the level of adding blocks, this friend adds a lot of useful features to the writing itself, such as Markdown.

Elegant Custom Fonts: A friend who makes my web fonts available to WordPress. Using web fonts in WordPress is tricky. It has its own merits.

Essential Widgets: It is a plugin that adds several widgets, but its performance is very good.

Generate Blocks: It is still in the testing stage, but it is a plugin created by the famous theme developers called Generate Press. This friend also has a different side from other block plugins, but I think I'll appreciate it by using more.

Happyfiles: File plugin. WordPress and the media are very messy. I'll make it a bit like Windows... Anyway, using this friend makes it pretty easy to organize your media files.

Health Check & Troubleshooting: This is a plugin that allows you to enter troubleshooting mode when there is a problem with your blog and check which plugin is the problem without disturbing my blog. I didn't use this either, but once I tried it, I felt that there was a clear need for it.

Jetpack: A plugin created by the side, that is, the official WordPress plugin. There are so many features, and if you use the paid version, you don't need other plugins if you use this one. However, there are many people who use only the replacements they need because they have so many functions that adversely affect the speed. Personally, I am using it because I love the ability to notify you by email when the site is not working and the function that works with the WordPress app. reviewI also wrote.

LuckyWP Table of Contents: A plugin that creates a table of contents. I think it is a very well-made plugin because the table of contents is really simple and neat. It's better because it can also be used in Gutenberg.

Nelio Content: This is a plugin that automatically uploads your posts to Twitter and Facebook when you write on WordPress. In the past, the paid version was very expensive, but the price was quite cheap. I like the performance overall, but sometimes errors occur.

OXYGEN: This blog is all made of it. It is fast because of the innovative idea of removing themes, but there are many unexpected sacrifices that there is no theme. I had a lot of trouble making my blog. Still, the degree of freedom is high and if you know how to use the code, you can do a lot of things. For more information reviewTo...

Rank Math: This is a new plugin from Yoast that I used in the past. The problem of not uploading the thumbnails on Naver, which was unfortunate while using Yoast, the problem of not being optimized for Korean, and the problem of having to use the paid version to receive support have all been resolved. It's a plug-in that gets popular pretty quickly. No, it is already famous. My reviewThere are more details on this. Recently Pro versionAlso bought.

Relevanssi: WordPress Basic Search is a plugin that improves search performance because the performance is poor. This is a bit difficult to compare performance because I have not compared the before and after...

Shortpixel Image Optimizer: There are quite a few image optimization plugins out there, and it's a rising friend these days. You should pick a good image plugin. I used a strange guy and a lot of images were blown away...

TranslatePress: WordPress translation plugin. There are several types, the difference is that this friend used the front-end method, and it has a merit because it can be used not only in pages but also in posts.

Ultimate Blocks: Block editor plugin. In its own way, there are a lot of unusual blocks that are used.

Woody Ad Snippets: There are quite a few Snippet plugins, the merit is that this guy can be put between block editors. In other words, it's a secretly innovative friend who can put their own AdSense location in the Block Editor... but I'm just using Google Auto Ads right now. The performance itself seemed good.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click: There were a lot of people in foreign countries who used the right button to make it cool, but in Korea, there are a lot of people who spread it to Naver. The features are quite powerful. Even taking a screenshot is censored.

WP File Manager: Unlike happyfiles above, it is a plugin that allows you to view files inside FTP. If you use expensive hosting, it becomes a little annoying to enter files like this, but it becomes a little easier.

WP Last Modified Info: If you publish a post on WordPress, when you search on Naver or Google, only the original date is left, so even if you keep editing the post, you may get a little misunderstanding (?). It is said that it prevents that part... I'm not sure yet.

WP Rocket: The most popular among cache plugins. It's a completely paid plugin, but at first I thought, "Do you dare?" reviewIf you refer to...

WP Discuz: Discus is famous in the comments section, but if he doesn't know now, it was notorious for slowing down the site before. So there are several alternatives, and I like them the most. I'm annoyed so I almost use the default settings, but if used properly, it can be very good.

WPS Hide Login: A plugin that changes the WordPress login link. Before I wrote this, there were really tons of attempts to log into my blog. Just changing this link significantly reduces the risk of my blog being hacked.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: This is a plugin for related posts. The related article plugin used in the past is pretty good, but there is a problem that the child becomes weird when a thumbnail is inserted... This friend seems to have good performance, but the related article plugins have a problem that they make the site slow. If the speed slows down, you can probably use the Jetpack plugin...

Site Kit by Google: Google official plugin. Honestly, there are a lot of people who don't need this, but people who don't want to go to Google use it, and actually it's popular.

Gutenberg: It's an editor that's been included since WordPress version 5, but I've been using it for over a year, so I have a lot of affection. Honestly, there are fewer people in Korea who have used this a lot longer than me. On the one hand, this editor used to have a lot of really small problems. That's why there are quite a lot of additions each time it is updated, but there are still a lot of minor errors... but it's pretty good now. review

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