[Wadiz] Stackup Block Bottle H review. A tumbler that can be used freely depending on the use

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block bottle H

Stackup Block Bottle H

Stackup Block Bottle H review. The tumbler which is easy to use according to the use

After walking around Wadiz, I funded another one. I think it's a really good product for crowdfunding, both in terms of appearance and function. Let's write them one by one. This is a stackup block bottle H that can be used as a tumbler and lunch box. official website

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Stackup Block Bottle H

Block Bottle H is a tumbler born with an idea that anyone would have thought of.

I also used a few tumblers, but using tumblers was a bit uncomfortable and there were a lot of things like that. For a small tumbler, even if you try to put coffee in the tumbler at a cafe such as Starbucks, there are cases where you can't even put the grande.

on the other hand big tumblerIt's hard to carry around, but it's so big, how do I wash it... I'm a little worried about this. You can't just wash it with water forever...

However, this friend probably had the same thoughts as me (actually, most of the people who use Tumblr...), so this is a product that is packed with ideas that can solve all of those problems. That is, the tumbler can be used separately by parts.

Block bottle H can be used freely depending on the purpose

The block bottle H is divided into several parts, so it is possible to adjust the size of the drink it can hold, or to put food and drink at the same time. Therefore, the user can use the product as desired according to the purpose.

First of all, according to the official website, Starbucks supports even Venti. And there's a divider in that part, so you can put drinks and food separately, or something like that. And the individual parts aren't that big, so they're pretty easy to clean.

Of course, this does not mean that the performance is insufficient, so it is possible to use hot drinks of course, and they say that the material is good. For reference, basically, you use a straw to drink, but the straw is easy to open so that you can wash it and use it.

The block bottle H is of a detachable type, so the airtightness is somewhat poor...

However, this product is not perfect either. No matter what the material is and it's easy to use, but the price of a tumbler is a little over 30,000 won, it's almost impossible to find a tumbler that costs more than 30,000 won...

And perhaps because it's a combination of parts, the airtightness is a bit poor. To test the performance, Starbucks put an Americano in this block bottle H, but as soon as I put the coffee in, close the lid, and turn over the tumbler, the lid opens and the coffee pours out. After testing, coffee leaked from between the gaps. I've tried it with Coke, and it's still the same... When using this friend, you have to check carefully whether the tumbler is turned up or down.

It is a friend to use with caution when using it only for beverages, but the uses are limitless, so I use it occasionally. I like the pouch as it looks pretty neat than I thought. I am using it with the mindset that I have a lunch box.

Block bottle H arrangement

Good point

  1. very useful
  2. Good material (hot water can be used)


  1. expensive
  2. poor airtightness
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