Beecanvas review. Canvas collaboration tool with high degree of freedom

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Beecanvas review. Canvas collaboration tool with high freedom and ease of management

I always think about which tool will work best for me. Trello, Notion They are all good tools, but something is unfortunate... unfortunate... and then I started using it. Beecanvasis.


Non-canvas are made in Korea, and the performance is also good for PC use.

First of all, the advantage of non-canvas is that it is made in Korea. You can ask what is the advantage of this. Some such as Nanum font Free Korean fontsIt's a bit big that you can use. Most of the tools are made in foreign countries, so I don't pay much attention to Korean fonts. Previous EvernoteWas free to add fonts, but rather New versionThe font has been changed very limitedly. Of course, there is a reason for that part, but... Anyway, as the fonts are varied, I can make the text even a little prettier, so I personally look very good.

And the completeness of the basic app is high enough to not know that it is domestic. MiroIt's not like a full whiteboard like this, but whether the app is oriented towards the canvas, you can freely set the paper size to decorate your document as you like, with virtually no limit. If it's a concept that Miro makes one big and sticks it whatever you want there, non-canvas Feels like a bookIt feels like this: making multiple sheets of paper freely and turning them over. I think there is a part that differentiates it from other tools in this conceptual part.

First of all, it is good to use on a PC. The interface is clean, there are no shortcomings in terms of speed, etc., the writing function is good, especially because it is very easy to line up, so it is good to make the document neat. Personally One NoteI think is a function that you need to learn urgently... There are basic things such as shapes and post-its that you should have.

The non-canvas made good use of the concept of the title canvas.

In addition, documents can be organized in a Kanban shape, so it is good to organize user-created canvases. Also, you can add tags or dates to documents, so it seems that the above-mentioned canvas concept is more alive.

Because it’s a canvas method, more than notion More degrees of freedom. I heard that Notion is oriented to Lego, but there is a limit of freedom in concept because Lego is made by attaching blocks to each other anyway, but non-canvas is free to create documents by attaching them to large paper by analogy I like it because it is stronger in the road, but as I mentioned earlier, the line spacing is made easily.

And not like this team-oriented app Personal planIt is also good for individual users like me. If you pay with a personal plan, the price is quite reasonable without any feature restrictions.

Non-canvas is a bit unfortunate to use on mobile...

However, non-canvas also have a number of regrets. First of all, it is a pity that it is bad on mobile. Of course, it seems to be a very difficult app to make it exclusively for mobile because it aims to be free form. It's just a PC version, but it feels like it fits on the smartphone screen, but I understand it, but it's a pity... But the real downside is that there are quite a lot of lags. Typically, there is a lot of lag when zooming in on the canvas. For reference, my phone is the Galaxy S10 5G, of course, there are many phones that are better than this friend, but honestly, it is not a game, and it is not a performance enough to interfere when using such an app...

I can admit that it was tricky to make it mobile because it was a canvas method, but if so, at least the canvas must be zoomed in and out in a natural way to get the taste of writing. Of course, Miro took a little lag in the past, but at the time, Miro was a state where I made a big mind map, so I can hit it, but there's almost no non-canvas, but lag... This part is really disappointing.

The concept of non-canvas is good, but strong competitors...

The second regret is that the competitors are too strong. The competitors I mentioned throughout this article, such as Miro and Milanote, are very strong. Of course, the concepts of the three are different, and I think that the non-canvas are also differentiating themselves. But I don't know because I haven't used milanote, but I honestly think Miro is overwhelming in terms of functionality. Miro is honestly at a level that there is nothing that doesn't work, and it's not just a tick, it's like a real whiteboard, and a shadow goes out when a post-it is attached... Non-canvas can make documents pretty well, but a little I would like to be more strenuous.

As it is a high-performance domestic tool, I hope it will be more successful.

It's definitely a good tool, but it wasn't what I personally wanted, so it was pretty disappointing. Still, it is said that about 150,000 people are using it, so it seems that the operation is good, so it is good to see. However, although the operation is still going on, it is a little disappointing. Honestly, I wonder how many times it would have been a box office if I came out of a foreign country. Of course, the developer knows that very well, so I make a site in English and shoot a video in English, but I hope it will be a little more popular personally... Because domestic tools are not common and high-fidelity tools are not common.



  • The canvas concept is well utilized, so the degree of freedom is high and it is good for organizing documents
  • Supports many Korean fonts
  • The rate system is flexible, such as having a personal rate system.


  • Not good for mobile use
  • Competitors are too strong
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