About the blog

Introducing my blog! – December 2020 update in progress

This blog KingpinStudio mainly deals with games and IT, but since it is my personal blog, it is a blog that contains everything about me. So, there are still the most reading reviews… but it is improving little by little. This blog introduction will also continue to improve as my blog evolves.

The approximate direction of the blog

First of all, the first direction of my blog is ‘I write everything about me’ . My blog as a whole is a bit chaotic, and here’s why. Unlike the previous blogs, this blog minimizes chatter, but instead, as I try to put everything I have, it has become a miscellaneous blog containing all kinds of things such as book reviews, various things, WordPress, etc. But it’s not like you’re just writing something out of nothing.

My blog as a whole 1. Games 2. IT 3. Self-development 4. Guitar.

once the game. To be honest, I don’t have time to play these days, so I’m sluggish, but I’m aiming to play the game and post a review. If I had more time, my goal is to make it on YouTube and do it like a game spot or IGN, but I’m still lacking in time and ability.

IT is the part I use the most these days, but I was originally interested in the app itself, so I installed a lot of this and that. So, I’m writing about it little by little, and I like the WordPress ecosystem, so I’m using a lot of apps, and I’m moving this part into writing.

The self-development part is the part that needs to be filled the most in the future. I’m still studying little by little, but simply studying and writing a blog post are two different things… so I’m preparing little by little.

Other than that, there are some minor reviews or things that I haven’t written yet, but are potentially preparing.

Current stage of blog operation

As I write the above writings, I am preparing to increase my personal productivity and putting it into practice little by little. I write in my own way, but I still do not feel that it is systematic, so I am writing systematically little by little and preparing to develop myself. Even if I am not writing right away, I am making progress little by little every day. I have to show you soon.