Sound Blaster X G1 review, good gaming amp

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Sound Blaster X G1

Sound Blaster X G1 review

 The products we are introducing now Sound Blaster X G1(Sound Blaster X G1). I'm going to give a background to this stuff first. Many pro gamers, especially FPS pro gamers like Bad and Cass, play games with almost the highest quality headsets. This headset usually costs 100,000 won, and there are many things that are close to 2, 300,000 won. In the past, gaming gear brands such as Logitech and Razer mainly made headsets, but nowadays, existing acoustic brands such as Sennheiser are also jumping into the gaming headset field. There are companies like Turtle Beach and Astro Games.

Sound Blaster x g1 is a gaming amplifier.

If you think about sound in a game compared to MP3, it is most important that the original sound is good. However, we can't do the original sound. If so, the next important thing is the device that outputs the sound, namely earphones, speakers, etc. Usually, if you buy a decent earphone or speaker, you won't have any trouble playing. But here, after that, if you think about how to make the sound better, what comes out is the amplifier. When it comes to amps, you'll mainly think of the amp used to play guitar, but it's similar to that. In simple terms, an amplifier can be thought of as a device that amplifies sound. This product Game dedicated amplifierIt can be said.

Sound Blaster X G1 Sound Blaster X G1
It doesn’t look like much, but... 

Sound Blaster x G1's Sound Blaster is a pretty popular family.

 This product is from Creative Sound blasterIt is a product of the (Sound Blaster) family. Sound Blaster is the original sound card family. Most famous as a game sound cardDo it. The sound card is a product that allows the computer to sound. If you don't have a sound card, your computer won't make sound However, there is a trend these days that there is no special sound card. Even with a basic card like Realtek, it doesn't hurt to use it. I know Realtek is a low-cost product, but it's actually a friend built into most computers. And you may not think of buying a new sound card as this is enough for general use.

That's why Sound Blaster doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be. Of course, sound blaster continues to appear these days. In recent years, as the gaming gear market is growing, it seems that it has also released such a gaming amplifier product because it is a company with its own technology. Of course, the biggest reason is that there is less need to buy a new sound card...

 There are also several types of Sound Blast Amplifiers besides the Sound Blaster X G1 that I review, of which this one is the cheapest. Perhaps that is why this G1 is also very simple in appearance. If you don't know anything, it just looks like a usb port. So, looking at the appearance, I couldn't expect anything. Moreover, in order to use this product, you need to install the related driver from the Internet, but if you just install it, this friend cannot install it. I plugged in the G1 and installed the driver and it worked. Driver installation file site

Sound Blaster X G1 features

First of all, the functions that Sound Blaster X G1 officially supports email 5.1 or 7.1 functionis. Put simply, 5.1 makes it sound like there are 5+1 speakers, and 7.1 makes it sound like there are 7+1 speakers. You can do FPS this way, and you can see who is coming in and where. And like adjusting things like the equalizer inside the MP3 (like changing settings like pop, rock, live, etc. in MP3) depending on the game Sound settingIt is also possible to change.

The Sound Blaster X G1 is recommended if you want even the slightest change.

I'm not sure if my ears are bad, but honestly, I have this friend and suddenly the sound wow!! And there wasn't a huge change. But I got the feeling that the sound was a little better overall. And I could feel the presence. I really liked this change because I value sound. But just If you're a general player, you don't have to spend about 40 to 50,000 won to buy it.Do it. Sounds like FPS, especially if you want to increase the sense of space a little, buy itThis looks good.

And Unexpected advantageThere is, for some reason, when I plug my earphones into the computer, the microphone does not work. When I connect it with this friend, it becomes a microphone. Of course, it is not necessary to be true for this, but it is an unexpected advantage, so I first heard about it. I personally recommend it. However, it does not seem to be of high priority. As I said earlier, if you want to improve the quality of the sound even a little, but if you are not sure of the money to buy a sound amplifier that costs over 100,000 won, this Sound Blaster X G1 will be the answer. I will shorten the text here. Thank you!

If you want a better sound apart from the cost performance,
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