Worries about productivity and self-development...

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Worries about productivity and self-development…

Worries about productivity and self-development...

  • Originally, I didn't want to write anything like mischief on this blog, but for some reason, I decided to post it on the blog. However, since it was literally a mischief that I wrote down in my mind, I just wrote it down in plain language, so please understand if you are reading this article.
    The length of the post has become so long that I have to pay attention to the readability... and it has become like a post on a blog.

Really inconclusive worries... Productivity and self-development

In the past and now, I always worry about productivity a lot. There are really so many tools in the world, and they are all so good friends, so I have a lot of thoughts about which friends to choose the best. On the other hand, even though I have chosen my own tools, I often think that when I use the tools, I see various shortcomings or things that I thought wrong, so I need to add more thoughts. Of course, it's not just about productivity. I always think about self-improvement. In addition to this, I thought about productivity and self-development in my own way.

Multiple productivity tools

I'm going to use some of the productivity tools I've used so far. I don’t know if Word is better than Korean, EvernoteThe beta version is still better than the current version, but there is still something unfortunate (but the beta version seems to be good enough if we refine it a little more. I might settle this way), One NoteIs a tool that is disappointing in many ways for those who do not use the pen function. NotionI liked the most for the writing part, but the rebound was relatively weak in the project-related part, and it was strong in the part where several articles were collected, but it was a lot disappointing in the part of managing each simple or short article instead. Feeling like a good friend when writing something energetic and deliberately. zenkitThe function seems to be okay, but the price is a little expensive and the design is a bit bad (but it seems that the design has been improved recently, so it is necessary to check again).

TrelloSeems to be the most acceptable for project management, but it is a bit unfortunate that it only seems to be okay instead. However, if you use paid features, Trello might be the best because it has many additional features even though it is a little expensive. Simple NoteIt seems that it is good to write a simple book for smartphones, but I don't like the desktop version very much. miroI like it quite a bit, but the paid version is $20, so it's very expensive. click upIt seems that there are all kinds of things, but I thought that it was a little difficult to use for the first time and that each function was pushed by the specialized tools of each function. Still, if you get used to it and have to use only one for the paid version, this friend will be a good choice. iA WriterIs very neat, but frankly, an improved notepad. ScreenerThe app is a bit heavy, and honestly, it's not the weight class to be here until version 3 is upgraded.

Drop Box PaperOverall, I was disappointed (that's why I bought OneDrive Premium), quipSeems okay, but it hasn't been properly tested yet. codaAt first glance, it looked pretty good, but I thought I had to use it a little more. airtableThe writing part was regrettable because it was a good looking Excel, and the ui for the Android version was very crude... It is also a bonus that the paid version is on the expensive side. todoistI was surprised because it was really simple to use, but it seems to be gradually catching up with microsoft to-do, which adds features one by one, and the paid version is very expensive and the free version does not appeal much.

microsoft to-doAs mentioned earlier, features are added subtly, but I'm not sure if it's better than Wunder List (which I took over), and I didn't like it because the part that was linked to Outlock was poor, but I recently figured out a method and might settle down soon. OutlockIt was regrettable that the ui was crude more than I expected, and the to-do part was subtly uncomfortable. still Web versionWas okay, but I thought there would be no reason to purchase the paid version as long as the to-do function was used. Well, it's a mail-related app... Honestly, the fundamental question is, why are the two different? Can't we just get the two together... Google CalendarI think the function is good, but the interface on the mobile is English... And for some reason, it was a bit disappointing that it was not Korean. I would use English if I liked it, but Google usually uses Korean language... I guess it's not popular.

any.doWhether it is only these days or the original price, the price is very cheap and I like the function, so if Outlock doesn't have an answer, I'd like to change to this one. ticktickThe free version of Silver has a lot of subtle restrictions, and it seems that any.do was originally expensive, but if the one-year renewal price is not very expensive, it is unfortunate that the price has no merit. The function itself seems to be fine, but...

boostedIs free, but this level of functionality makes no sense, so even if I paid for it later, I thought I could buy it for about 50,000 won if I sold a lifetime pass. However, there is only an Android version... If you really like the app, the downside is... togglIs better than I thought, so I think I should use a little more. quireor wrikeSeemed a little bit too much to write alone, basecampIt was good because it seemed to be released almost for free for personal use, but I am not sure if the function itself is so good. There must be a reason for being so popular... meistertaskI had to use a little more, but the function itself seemed to be good, but it seemed a little expensive. Still, trello has a lot of regrets on Android, but meistertask looks good on mobile as it looks very good. With relatively little money mindmeisterIt is better because it can be used for a fee.

The impressions of the friends I wrote so far were so small that a blog post appeared, but it was a pity that I didn't have a really perfect friend... Of course, if I had a high salary, I could decide to some extent if I used the pro version. My heart hurts... No, maybe if you had a lot of money, which one would you like best among the pro version??? I would have been worried about this, so I think it would have been similar. On the other hand, besides the above friends, there are other tools that I have not yet used. Are there any perfect friends among them? I think I've already used up tons of productivity tools, but...

On the other hand, it would be nice to have a perfect tool with all the functions, but the characteristic of these friends is that each field is pushed by the specialized tools in the field. The click up mentioned earlier is representative. If you have the money, it would be nice to use the best tools in each field, but my money doesn't allow it yet. As far as money allows, it would be nice to use the best tools in each field, but the more important point than simply using them is that each tool should be well connected. And since I usually work on a desktop, it would be nice to choose friends who are well connected between platforms because there is a desktop, at least a web version, not just tools for smartphones.

And all of the above friends are basically good, and since many large and small companies are using those tools, it is best to think about what the'functions I need' before simply thinking what would be good. Just because there are a lot of features doesn't mean that I use all of them... I think using the features that I want will maximize productivity.

For reference, among people who are interested in productivity, just decide what time to use each of these tools and do it... This opinion is also quite common. Of course, that makes sense, but I do not think this itself is bad because I like to search for something of my own, and these materials become my assets when they are posted on blogs again. If you're really looking for a tool that can maximize your own productivity, there's nothing more to be desired.

Will wiki be the answer to self-development?

I usually write down meaningful phrases from books or things that I would like to use. In the past, I wrote it in a notebook, but it takes too long and is cumbersome, so these days I mainly write it in an app. After going through Evernote and One Note, I am now thinking about notion or click up, and I am testing this and that because I want to see if there is another treasure, but one day I have a big realization. Whether it's in a notebook or in an app, or especially when it's written in an app... it's that at least I don't see it...

I thought about why not, but the first reason is that if the notebook is small, I will roughly look at it, but if the book's summary book grows, it becomes annoying, so I don't see it. I think it's much better to write it down in a notebook at this point. I'm by no means good at writing, but when I see something on my PC, it's really uncomfortable to see if the readability is poor. Word is just a copy, so all of the spaces are broken, and Evernote cares about readability in the beta version, but in the current version, the length of the line is needlessly long, whether or not the readability is given.

First of all, what I think about these days is that I had to use WordPress a little more because the contents related to self-development are not written in WordPress anyway. Anyway, the information I have written here is the first thing I want to see, except for those related to public officials who have already passed the exam, so if I write a post on WordPress, I can write it so that others can see it, so it's nice to be able to write it in its own way. If you come to me, I would just be grateful. And if you write it on Evernote, it's too hot to see it, but if you write it properly in WordPress, it might not look good for me.

I've been watching Namu Wiki (Nha Wiki at the time) since I was in high school, and I thought that the part of riding the link peculiar to the wiki was the driving force to read the article while maintaining concentration. So, in the long run, I wanted to install a wiki plugin in WordPress so that it could be used as a personal wiki. In this way, once I write so that others can see it, I will pay attention to the readability, and if I make it possible to ride the link in this way as part 1 part 2 part, I wonder if it would be possible to see it frequently because the concentration was maintained. In the future, if my blog has a lot of information and a lot of people come in, it may be helpful for inflow, so this is also good. However, this is also a large project in its own right, so I'm not sure when I can do it...

And WordPress also has a lot of problems, the typical problem is that it is slow... And in the case of One Note or some apps, you can actually make the layout as you want, but WordPress has limitations in this area. Of course, I think I can better understand it by using a wiki plugin.

The need for a content calendar? And habits...

Originally, I only used a to-do app, but these days I feel the need for a content calendar and a habit app. Of course I reviewed before habitifyAlthough I use it well, this friend also felt a lot of regrets about setting and practicing habits, apart from feeling regretted by the app itself while writing. First of all, the regrettable thing about the to-do app is that it is relatively easy to set up a habit no matter how much you set up a habit, or because you have already done some habits (such as writing or...) that you are already familiar with, drawing a picture that you are not good at. I am very sorry for being neglected to exercise (but I do exercise at least a little...).

First of all, for habits, write down a lot of things to do every day and sleep if you do these things. I did this, but let's save only those habits that I can't get and just do these things... It seemed like I had to reorganize in this way. Doesn't it say that it becomes a habit if you keep it on the 17th, 3rd or 20th? However, in the case of exercise, I was able to say that it was a habit because I had been steadily working in the past, but when the environment changes, such as working overtime, going home, or the test is imminent, this tempo is broken and I am very disappointed.

One of the essential tools for professional bloggers abroad is the content calendar. This is the way YouTubers will use it more often than bloggers. Personally, I don't think blogs are of great importance, but for YouTube, it is very important to upload videos on similar dates and times. Even for professional blogs, it is important to post articles on a specific date and at a specific time. I have never done it. However, I am trying to apply it little by little. Of course, I can't fit perfectly systematically because I have an incumbent job, but I'm thinking of adjusting some of my posts by posting them at a fixed time. Last weekend, I studied while watching many articles in my own way.

Life goals and mind map

Productivity Self-development Life Goal Mind Map miro
I think miro is good, but I don't think it looks pretty because my skills are insufficient...

There are basically three life goals. Game maker, power blogger, and overseas travel. There are so many things to do and things to do, and I have a long way to go, even though I think I'm developing little by little. I felt the necessity of organizing my own and created a mind map. I focused on dividing the processes of self-development in detail as much as possible. If there is too much to do, it gets hot. I thought it would be more productive to divide the processes in as much detail as possible and remove them one by one. That said, I couldn't just overtake my main job and focus solely on productivity, so I put emphasis on things to be flexible and self-development as much as possible to maintain productivity.

But that miro friend seems to have a good function, but it was a bit disappointing for the mind map. If you look for a mind map app, you have to go a long way... Well, if you think about making a mind map to use right now, I thought it would be better to just grab me and write it down in a notebook.

Concerns, conclusions and arrangements for productivity and self-development

I should summarize the above information in an integrated manner. There are some texts that are less readable, but I also organize my hair...

  1. I love to try and find things, so I will continue to use various tools in the future, but what kind of friend do I really need? Or, thinking about what kind of friend would an app with the features I need? (+price), I think I will have to pick a productivity tool that will finally settle down.
  2. At most, even if I wrote down various information in notebooks or apps, there was a fundamental problem that I would not see it again... By adding a wiki function to WordPress, I am studying while writing properly, and I am going to promote it little by little because I can see the wiki freely because I can keep concentration because I ride the link and I can expect a blog inflow at least.
  3. Habit app is not just about daily tasks, but it is set in a way that specially manages things that I am unable to do, and I am thinking of making a content calendar in the long run. It seems that the more productive the cut line is.
  4. The to-dos and to-dos are organized into as much as possible. Mind map is being used. However, finding mind map tools is another job, so this time with a notebook...

Among the articles I saw recently, there was something similar to the thoughts in my mind. When I studied about the rich at Hana Bank or there, it was found that the rate of getting rich with financial assets was only 5%. Business income was the highest, followed by inheritors. After studying more, I am studying little by little to try stocks again, and a lot of people are already running to the market to die and kill, but in reality only a few of them will survive.

This blog is currently earning about $5 per month, and honestly, it is likely to rise to around $10 this year. I am not sure if I will make enough money to make a living with this blog, but it is not a blog that just wants to make money, it is a blog that contains everything about me, and I am planning to pour all my self-development materials here. Is the most important thing to do. There was a lot of talk about productivity and everything, but it's all for this. I have a long-term plan of my own, so I try to put more emphasis on the big value that will come when I draw the big picture rather than the penny in front of me.

When I finished writing and looked back, it was really too long...

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