[Self-Development of the Month] A Study on Productivity 2. November 2020

Before productivityI wrote a little bit about it. At first, I just wrote it to organize the contents of my head, but the volume grew endlessly, and it became long enough to write a blog post, so I wrote one fleshly. Recently, self-development is sluggish, but instead of using several tools, we are deciding which tools to use one by one. Anyway, for this month's self-development, I'm going to write Part 2 of a Productivity Review. As in the previous article, I am just writing personal thoughts/chats.

While using these and other tools, the most important thing is,'What is the best tool for me?' First, the writing-related app is using the genealogy of Evernote -> One Note -> Notion -> Word -> iA Writer. Here, the screener is sandwiched between all of those sections, but I'm going to update version 3~... It's been more than a year since I wrote the article, but version 3 hasn't come out... Even now, of course, there's no big problem with using it. Still, sometimes bugs come out. So I'm a bit reluctant to use it.

Instead, I'm using iA Writer a lot, and this friend also didn't have a lot of shortcomings, but recently I discovered a little fatal problem. That is, when you sync Dropbox on iOS, it keeps creating a document every time you save it. If you think this is a good idea, it can be seen that the backup is continued, but it is very embarrassing as the document suddenly expands to 5-6. And the archives have the same title, but each is made of a document, so you have to check each one... If you think about this, the latest document will be a more recent one, right? Heh, you can think of this, but this is not necessarily the case... It's good, but I don't think it's difficult to use for the time being on the iPad... Instead, the Android version is also more useful than I thought, so I'm using it well. The PC version is good, but the problem of chewing Hangul from the past...

Ward is really love and hate... I really like it. Honestly, there are no people who use this word processor performance, but I realize that Word was such a good guy as I used various things. I'm using Hangul 2010 in my office... I wish I could change to this soon... Anyway, I thought it wasn't the number one in the world, but I was a bit disappointed that it was for printing. It feels like a word and is optimized for writing itself like iA Writer.

I don't use notion very much these days. At first, I was attracted to Notion's unique degree of freedom, so I moved all my documents to Notion, and finally, the rate system changed even more beneficially, so I thought I'd bury my bones here. By the way, notion and this friend are clearly good in performance, but they are good for decorating and writing to some extent, but surprisingly, this is a little regretful for just rushing to write. And the disadvantage of Notion is that it is a disadvantage (because there are a lot of friends who do not have this function itself...), but it is possible to create a post with a feeling like a tree wiki by posting links to other posts inside the post, but this is also very slow. R... And I like Kanban, but this friend is not very good at Kanban... So I originally made weekly planners, daily planners, etc. all as notions, but it's a lot of regret. The notification part is also a little weak... Again, it reminded me that the guys who have all this and that have a lot of regrets individually.

On the other hand, Trello is my friend who left notion behind. It's not a writing tool, but... At first, there are many ways to organize data with Excel on the Internet, so I thought about doing this too, but it was too difficult for me... I certainly seemed to be right with Kanban. It's easy to see at a glance, and it's easy to grasp the situation. Although the Trello looks a little clunky and lacks functionality compared to other competitors, Kanban itself is the cleanest, concise, and fast. So, developers who don't care much about design have no choice but to like Trello. So I wrote it for a while.

Oh, I think I should mention clickup at this point. The price of this friend wasn't that expensive, and the features were so much to say that I tried to use it several times, but it didn't work for me. First of all, it's a bit far from being intuitive... And it's too bad to use on the smartphone version, especially Android, so I finally erased it in a state of love and hate.

And for a while, I also used a friend called non-canvas, which is definitely a good tool, but it didn't suit me either. I was a friend who had a concept of good performance and decorating the canvas...

Then, when I tried using Trello, Asana, etc., I suddenly realized that I would bear the idea that if a tool is good for me, even if the price is somewhat expensive, all of these tools are tools on the premise that I use them as a team. So I thought I couldn't use one of the most important features of these tools. In other words, no matter how well you use it, you're wasting money... This thought... Then I finally changed my mind to the to-do app, but it was a bit disappointing that todoist used to have a bit of performance and there was nothing that could be done with the free version. But, we will update it someday to support Kanban! So I screamed right away.

In fact, it turns out that ticktick supports Kanban as well as calendars, has more functions and is cheaper, so'Is I impatient?' I wanted to use it for a while, but fortunately (?) The intuitive part fell a little... Well, of course, I already spent money on todoist, so I can revert...

I mentioned a little above, but when I try using Clickup or Notion, I think that it's definitely better to use each of the girls who are clearly specialized than a friend who can use this or that. Of course, this case also has its drawbacks. Typically, money...

Still, there must be a place where a friend who contains this and that is disappointed compared to a specialized one. For example, clickup is too intuitive, and notion is a bit uncomfortable to write as you can think of, like Evernote, I don't like the table part, and the time-related parts such as schedule are generally regrettable. So, the update of Notion is fast and reliable, so in the past, Kanban was a lot uncomfortable, but that part was solved a lot. Probably, the developers' skills are pretty good.

In the past, I tried to use Outlock on my own, but eventually gave up. In the past, I was using microsoft to do, and since it is the same Windows, I thought it would be okay because it seemed to have good compatibility. So I used it, but... There are many occasions, but the biggest reason is that when looking at the overall update direction of Microsoft, individual users only support the formal level as Office, and all others are only for team or corporate users. It's slightly updated, but it's all useless for personal use... So I thought it didn't suit me.

Honestly, I don't want to use OneDrive so much, and I wanted to change it to Dropbox, etc. But when I think about it like this, I think it could be a replacement for Excel, but it was also unfortunate to send Word... Of course, it's useful beyond the idea of Dropbox paper. . As this happened, I was curious about what Hangul 2020 would be like. I think it will be worth buying if you discount someday.

Anyway, over time, it has its own system. First of all, simple texts or drafts are iA Writer. Among them, the friends who need to write while organizing the plan etc. are Scribner, and other writings are Evernote or Word, and Notion is a kind of repository or a combined version of all the above articles. In charge.

And todoist is mainly used for tasks and overall productivity management, and habitify is used for habits (but the performance is a bit disappointing...). And the diary is using daylio. In this way, I'm keeping track of my overall plans, things to follow often, and my productivity records. And for time measurement, I tried to use boosted at first, but it is a lot of regret that the function itself is still small. I think I'm going to use toggl, but it's still a bit awkward to measure time before doing anything.

Anyway, as a whole, productivity apps are now getting organized, so I'm glad. Also, I am interested in educational apps these days, but this part seems to be a field that is a bit far from the'productivity' that I am currently using, so I am going to use it as a small talk at another time.

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