A book devoted to medieval history, Western medieval civilization

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Western medieval civilization

A book devoted to medieval history, Western medieval civilization

I like history games, but when I like history games, I am naturally interested in history itself. So I bought and read several books on history, and one of them is this book. 'Western medieval civilization'is. Every book seems to be different about how far the Middle Ages go, but this book covers up to the 13th century.

Honestly, this book is a little difficult. I wondered if I could read something while having fun, but it was a game, so I was able to do that... Still, I could understand many things. The first thing I felt was,'Oh, that's why medieval times often appear in fantasy'. The Middle Ages seems to have been a confusing and difficult time to live, regardless of class, although there are exceptions. It is said that the population is not large, quite a few people wandered around, and the forest was a mystical space itself, as in real fantasy movies, and taverns, mills, etc. often found in fantasy games were said to have come from this period. And because they didn't know anything like science, they were said to be overflowing with mysterious materials like wizards. Of course, looking at the past from a modern point of view is mystical~ It's just that those who lived at the time would have been difficult to live day by day.

Western medieval civilization
From the cover of the book, I feel like it will be difficult...

In the Middle Ages, it was often called the Dark Age, but I also thought that the name didn't fit. Nowadays, I know there are few people who say it is probably the dark age. As in the previous paragraph, the Middle Ages were of course chaotic, but as a representative of Christianity, various cultures developed greatly, and many historical events took place. Honestly, I don't really want to go back to the Middle Ages and live, but I think it's a mysterious and charming world enough.

As I said earlier, books are honestly not fun, so there are not many explanations about them. Nevertheless, this book is not simply a book that lists historical facts, but tells a variety of cultural and social situations of the time, so you can learn more than just knowing the flow. If you were interested in the history itself of the Middle Ages, not just curiosity like me, I think it is worth reading.

author: Jacques Le Goff
Publisher: Literature and Intellectual History
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A book that is a bit difficult to read for fun..
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