Great for exercise, Sony WI-SP600N Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review-Add 5 Months Review

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Sony WI-SP600N Bluetooth Earphone

Very good for exercise, Sony WI-SP600N Bluetooth wireless earphone

I have been Various EarphonesI have been writing, and recently Apple in-ear earphonesI was writing pretty well. I hadn't done A/S for more than a year, so I thought that the Apple In-ear earphones were very good, but I was still at the limit or finally came to the level of making a sound, and eventually I got a new earphone. . I was thinking a lot in my own way smallWI-SP600N bluetooth earphoneI decided to

The Sony WI-SP600N is a Bluetooth earphone. This is my first time using Bluetooth earphones. This is because there were many stories that wired sound quality was better than wireless. However, as everyone knows, there are many cases where it is quite uncomfortable to have lines in real life. Before the earphones that I used before broke down, I was once properly pissed off... Anyway, the timings overlapped and I ended up buying earphones.

  • The 5 month testimonial was updated later.
Sony WI-SP600N bluetooth wireless earphone
An earphone case that looks pretty good.

The Sony WI-SP600N has a number of features you need for your workout.

Earphones look pretty simple. Also, since earphones were originally made for exercise, there is a part that can be attached separately to the auricle, rather than simply plugged into the ear. so Designed not to fall out of the wayHas been. And since the earphones are pretty light (it says 21g), I don't feel like something heavy. These days, it seems that earphones that are intended to be inserted only in the ear, such as AirPods and a new friend from Samsung, are the most popular, but at least this is not a problem with weight or design. And as I said before, rather than having no lines at all The sound quality is better if there is a line anywayI have heard the story. In that respect, this Sony Bluetooth earphone can be considered as having its own merits.

Sony WI-SP600N Noise canceling functionIs supported by default. I don't know a huge difference!, but you can definitely feel the difference between turning the function on and off. Also, I am not sure about the details of the ambient sound as well as the noise canceling function, but there seems to be a function that seems to listen to the surrounding sound moderately. I usually ride a bicycle, but it could be dangerous if I couldn't hear the surrounding cars, right? I think it's a useful feature in its own way. In addition to this, today's Bluetooth also has a waterproof feature that all support.

Sony WI-SP600N bluetooth wireless earphone
It looks great to use for exercise.

The Sony WI-SP600N also has some regrets.

However, personally, this Bluetooth earphone is a bit disappointing in performance than the previous Apple earphones. Personally, I like it because it seems to hold the bass well, but I feel that the overall sound is a bit small. Of course, I like the earphones I used before, so there may be things like that, but they are definitely pushed back than the Apple earphones I used before. It is not a level that will interfere with the use, but it will be disappointing to those who care greatly about the sound quality as the enthusiast level.

The above sound quality problem can be said to be personal preference, but besides this, this WI-SP600N has some regrets. The sound quality problem above is because I used so good earphones before, but the real regret is It is a little uncomfortable to wear until the earphones get used to it.Is. After a few hours, you get used to it. But until then, something is very annoying.

The first part is at the back of the neck, and since this earphone has a part on the left where you can adjust the sound or function, The weight is somewhat lean to the leftis. So I think it would be nice if the strap was right in the middle so the left and right balance would be balanced, but this earphone is a little bit like that. It was more annoying than I thought that there was a strap behind my neck. Of course, this part is a human difference because I may be sensitive. If you usually wear a lot of necklaces, it might be okay.

The second part is on the auricle, and this part seems to have been perfectly adapted, but When I put it on for the first time, the ear part hurt a little for some reasonIt. I didn't feel like it was tight, but something hurt my ears for some reason. There is no such thing now, so it seems to be a temporary phenomenon.

In addition, it can be used for 60 minutes for a 15-minute charge, and up to 6 hours. Although the usage time itself is similar to that of other Bluetooth earphones, it is a bit unfortunate considering that the earphones that only fit in the ear these days can also be charged in a special case.

5 months review of earphone use

I bought this earphone in April, and I am using it for 5 months now. However, there are also quite a bit of regret, so I add content. The part of the upper auricle that hurts quickly adapts faster than expectedI did it. In fact, it can be assumed that there is no problem with use if it passes the same day.

But the most annoying part is the crosswalk, especially The music cuts off quite a lot at the crosswalk along the big road.Is. I feel like I'm persistent for more than 10 seconds, so it's annoying to just listen to music. At first, I thought it would be like this in a crowded place, but there was no problem on the road, and when I went to Seoul a while ago, I never felt cut off on the subway. So, in fact, it seems that there is only a problem with pedestrian crossings. So, it seems that the place where you live will determine whether you should buy this item. If you don't like being bothered at the crosswalk, don't buy it.I recommend.

The second regrettable is that it has a call function, but it seems to receive excessive sound from the surroundings. Phone calls are virtually impossible with earphones on.Is all. In particular, it seems that it absorbs (?) the car sound too badly. When I'm really running on the playground, I get a phone call... or I think I can make a phone call indoors. You can think of phone calls in a noisy environment.

The Sony WI-SP600N is a great earphone for your purpose.

So far, I have said a lot about the good and bad of this earphone. In the end, it seems to be different depending on what the user's purpose is. In the case of me A product that rides a lot of bicycles and places an emphasis on sound quality, so the earphone strap is even behind the neck.Wanted. That's why these earphones fit me well. But I’m just an ordinary office worker This earphone is not a good choice for those who are not particularly active and have enough sound quality.I think. Since these products with straps are not the most popular these days, I feel that it is better to purchase earphones after re-evaluating the purpose of use. The review ends here. Thank you.

Good earphones for those who fit the purpose of use
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