[Scribner] 4. Review of Screener 3 Beta Windows version. If the speed gets faster, the best

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Screener 3 Beta

Late Windows version of Screener 3 beta. The best if it becomes a little stable

Old screener Windows version reviewIn these days, I wrote that I am very sorry that the screener Windows version is still 1.9. And at the time, I was very excited about the release of version 3 at the end of August on the official website. WrittenThis came up and it hurt a lot. So, I installed Screener 3 Beta myself and tried a little bit for testing.

Screener 3 Beta
Clean screen even at a glance

According to the official description of Screener 3, it is said that Screener 3 is a large-scale update of its own, so a number of changes have been made. Official website ContentsAccording to:

  • The interface has been overhauled and modernised.
  • Compile has been redesigned and is now not only much easier to use but also more flexible.
  • The text system now has a full style system (which is even more powerful when used with the new Compile).
  • View index cards on colored threads based on label color (great for tracking different storylines or anything else).
  • Epub 3 and improved Kindle export have been added.
  • Keep track of how much you write each day using Writing Statistics.
  • Improved Custom Metadata allows you to add checkboxes, dates and list boxes to the Inspector and outliner.
  • Enhanced outlining.
  • Corkboard and outliner filtering.
  • Refer to up to four documents in the main window using the new “Copyholders” features.
  • Quickly find any document in your project using the new Quick Search tool.
  • See draft and session progress bars in the toolbar.
  • The powerful new Bookmarks feature replaces Project Notes, References and Favorites, and allows you to view oft-needed documents right in the Inspector.
  • Use “Dialogue Focus” to pick out all the dialogue in your text.
  • Export rich text to MultiMarkdown or Pandoc.
  • Broadened support for technical formats via Markdown output and custom post-processing.

Since these things are said to change, I will write this review in the direction of mainly writing down how it changed based on the above changes. I will write them down one by one.

Screener 3 has changed from the interface.

First of all, the interface is pretty neat. Personally, I like it very much. This seems to have taken the trend of the times, but like the old iPhone, these icons have this function.In this way, the interface has changed from an interface that seems to be obvious to the simplest icon style interface. I like it because there is no clutter. I think the interface will vary according to each individual's taste, but at least there aren't many who will hate the Screener 3 interface. Unless you like something extremely simple. It's still in Scribner 3 beta, so the interface might be better in the full version.

In addition, the writing part has become a lot cleaner. In the previous version, I felt quite cramped when I first wrote. This is because if you do not adjust the settings separately, the text is set to fill the square.

A feature that can be seen as a symbol of the screener is the compilation function. Of course, I haven't written it yet, and it doesn't fit with the popular web novel style in Korea, so it's a feature that seems to work mostly for those who write papers or in foreign countries. Still, when I checked for the update, the interface has changed. In addition, I was surprised to find that there were more formats, such as Epub 3, and the features were also increased. Personally, I wish there was a feature to post on WordPress, and somebody has already uploaded it to the request, but it was not reflected, so I don't seem to have an idea in this part. That's too bad...

I love the extra features of Screener 3 too.

Screener 3 has been enhanced overall. First, the layout configuration has become a bit simpler. In the past, it was possible to see two articles at the same time by pressing something, or to display a photo or pdf data on one side, but this time it is just a button to move. It was definitely easier. For reference, in the previous version, I had to press a button to see if I was not familiar with it yet, but I like it.

Another part I personally like is the writing statistics. Not only the number of letters, etc. It's good to know what kind of words you used a lot and these things. You can also set goals and set your own in detail. There are also alarms, so it looks good to develop your writing habits.

Screener also has a dictionary function, so it can also correct some spelling. However, there was no Korean dictionary, but it was added in version 3! I don't know how credible it is, but you can even fix the spelling. For reference, in the past, there was a red line saying that the spelling was incorrect, but there was no explanation... It was like this.

Meanwhile, it is now possible to put multiple metadata such as keywords into existing documents. Document management has become more convenient. And although I haven't used it much yet, it is said that the bookmark function has also been enhanced.

The screener 3 beta is still a bit unstable.

It's full of really good things, but it's still a little disappointing. First of all, it's beta, so it's slow overall... I feel a lot of something unstable. So, has it not been released yet? It makes me think of it. Of course, loading usually occurs when you press something for the first time, so if you wait a little for the first time, it will be okay, but it is a pity.

And, rather than being a bad point, you need to be careful. This beta is in beta, but it is a higher version, so the post edited in the beta cannot be modified in version 1.9. I was embarrassed a lot, but when I first open the article in the beta, it is a beta version, so I make a backup copy.

Screener 3 Beta
As you can see from the top, it's still a little unstable....

After trying out the Screener 3 beta, I'm very excited about the full version!

Overall, I really like it except for the speed and safety mentioned earlier. I think I will be working hard on this part even now. We're excited to see the Scrivener 3 beta coming out quietly. For your information, this beta is only available until the end of this month, but it's coming out regularly so you don't have to worry about this. The beta is free, so it looks great if you think of it as an opportunity to try Screenner for free.

I personally don't like this for 3 days, but this beta is always free if it comes out before release, so it's a good opportunity. but 1 episodeThe overall concept described in hasn't changed, so it still seems like a person will ride. Moreover, nowadays, as well as notion-like, neat and all-inclusive friends are also popular, so I'm not sure that Scrivener might be as popular as it used to be. However, it is definitely one of the best friends among writing software, so it would be a good idea to try it. It was Screener 3 beta.

It is best if it becomes a little more stable.
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