[Screenner] 3. Review of Screener iOS version. Slow update but best writing app on iOS

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Screener iOS version

Scrivener iOS version review. Updates are a bit slow, but always one of the best writing and productivity apps on iOS

I was the last Glo Scribner's Rough introductionAnd screener Windows version reviewI wrote it down. This time, I am going to review the iOS version of Screener. I am not sure if there is an iPhone version, but I reviewed it based on the iPad. For reference, my iPad is an iPad Air 2, so the screen is 9.7 inches. These days, the iPad is even 12.9 inches, but if the screen size is different, even if you use the same app, you may have a different evaluation from my review, so please understand.

Screener iOS version contains most of Screener's features.

At first glance, the interface of Screener's iOS version looks simple. But surprisingly, it looks very simple, but it's amazing that most of the screener's features are melted. There are a few things that look like the Apple Memo. However, of the many writing apps on iOS, few look completely different from Apple Notes. That said, only a few of those apps perform well. Therefore, I think I can pass this much coolly.

The biggest advantage of Screener is that it is also optimized for writing long writings. Very good performance for viewing and organizing documentsIs to be proud of. It is basic that you can view documents such as cork board in various ways, and the function to put various descriptions or emoticons on the document is the desktop version, but personally, the iOS version has a clean interface, so at least my Windows version ( It's a lot easier to read than (as of 1.9.7).

It is good that the app has a lot of subtly formatting functions, but if you move the font file appropriately Font changeI like it more because it is possible. This is because most of the iOS apps, such as Screener, hardly support Korean fonts. I don't use the Hangul font app separately, but I personally like the part where I can change the font in this way.

Screener iOS Corkboard
Cork board, the best advantage of screener

It's a pity that the Screener iOS version is a bit stingy with updates.

The main drawback of the iOS version of Screener is that the update has not been updated for about a year based on the time I am writing. It seems that they are paying attention to the Windows version as they are now, but it seems that the screener development team is lacking a lot of manpower. Of course, it's already an app that boasts of the highest quality iOS, but for example, friends like Bear and the eternal rival Ulysses are constantly being updated secretly. As these rivals hit and climb, Scribner's position will gradually narrow. Personally, if the Windows version comes out soon, I would like to make a major update to iOS. It is said that we are also making an Android version, but personally, it is very good news, but I do not know when it will be released.

...But this time, it has been updated to be compatible with dark mode, etc. in line with the iOS 13 and iPAD OS update. But honestly, there aren't that many updates for an update that's been made in one year. Of course, I still wonder where you did it. For reference, as of September 22, when I finished the article, the update contents are not reflected on the official website. I must have been a little urgent.

Screener iOS Sync
In fact, the screen you should see every time you open an app. It's annoying

The second downside is that the app is on a large scale and syncs slowly. Personally, it is very unfortunate that only the drop box is supported, but fortunately, the capacity of the drop box is small, so the performance itself is fine, and you can move on to that cloud part as you can support it later. But virtually every time you run the app, you have to sync it like the screenshot above (though you can do it later...), and this is pretty annoying. This is because the major apps in the majors such as OneNote and Evernote are synchronized almost the moment you open the app. This part seems to be the difference between the size of the company. Although Scrivener is well-recognized, it seems impossible to compare it with a huge company.

The iOS version of Screener is a bit expensive, but it's not a subscription, so it's great.

Personally, it is a pity that the price is a bit for an iOS app, but considering that the number of subscription-concept apps mentioned above such as Ulysses and Bear is increasing these days, the screener is rather For those who use it for a long time, the app is even more profitableIt can also be seen as this. Honestly, the reason why I don't use Ulysses is because it's a subscription method. Well, it's the price of a cup of coffee?, but I'm not an office worker right now... And just because the price is a little, some of the iOS has a little... Personally, unconscionably expensive apps, comparable to these friends Again not. It just feels like a premium price.

Nowadays, as more programs and apps are subscribed, one of the logics to support them is that the subscription function is that a steady line of funds comes in, so continuous development is possible, and the way of purchasing at once in that way will someday fail. There are many people who talk about this. But Scribner is a program that has been around for over 10 years Honestly, it's a program that should have been ruined if it was going to be ruined. I think it would be better not to worry about damning. Moreover, the Android version is also being developed...

Screener iOS
In the latest update, the black screen is reflected in the dark mode...

One of the best iOS apps if it suits you.

We talked a lot about the good and the bad, but there is almost no doubt about it, unless the concept of Scribner itself does not fit. One of iOS's best productivity, writing appsis. Honestly, as I wrote in the previous article, I am very sorry for the Windows version of Screener, and I do not think that the concept of Screener itself is just as good. The iOS version is really goodThought a lot. I'll write a review someday, but I've only used over 120 writing apps. In my personal opinion, there are really few apps that are better than this one. Oh, but some paid/subscribed apps such as ulysses haven't been used yet, so I can't do a comparison. If you are looking for a better writing app after writing Apple Memos on a regular basis, this is one of the apps you should choose first. Thank you. App Store Link official website

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