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Introduction to Scribner

Let me introduce the scrivenerScrivener

ScrivenerLet me introduce you to Scrivener! It may seem like a new product if you introduce it like this, but it is already an incredibly famous writing tool to Mac and iOS users. Of course, there is a Windows version and I know Android version is also being developed. However, the Windows version has a lot of differences in updates compared to the Mac version. Still, it has all the basic functions, and it will be updated to version 3 like Mac version at the end of August this year, so it is worth looking forward to it.


Scrivener has its own concept.

I've been using Scrivener for quite a long time with iPad and Windows versions, but what I'm still thinking about is the concept of Scrivener. That is, "Why should we use a scrivener? Scrivener has a unique concept that is different from Hangul Office, Word, Google Docs, Evernote, and OneNote and so on. The preceding software will be used to create documents, store those documents, collect and organize those stored documents in any folder, cloud, etc.

But Scrivener is a little different from those softwares. Scrivener is initially said to create a project , which contains not only writing but also all the references and settings related to writing. It’s not just about attaching an image, but it’s also possible to open PDFs separately within the document. For example, we can document novels such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd episodes within the project, and the main characters or settings of novels and reference materials included in the project too.

And compilation allows you to combine all the documents and materials above into a single document file . When printing a separate document from the first, second, and third episodes of the novel, you can combine them into one. I think that’s why when I open the Scrivener file in the Windows version, there looks like a folder. and it’s one file in the Mac version. I don’t know well because I didn't use it yet.

This is a very novel concept. However, the part that I kept thinking about is 'why'. Because even if it is not Hancom Office or MS Word, there is no difficulty in managing my own documents, if it is only Evernote or OneNote, and the functions are not inferior at all. And Scrivener is quite a heavy program in Windows, but I don't feel that those are slow at all. In addition, Scrivener can only be synchronized through a Dropbox, but Evernote is best writing tool about synchronizing notes. My novelist friend I know just works in Hancom Office when he authors a novel, and when I ask foreign novelists what kind of program they use, there are many people who don't necessarily need the scrivener. Literally Feeling of using software that suit your tasteis.

I also use Evernote and OneNote as well as Scrivener. To be honest, I don’t feel that Scrivener fits me very much. So, at first, I regretted it a little after purchasing. However, I wanted to understand the concept of Scrivener by looking at foreign blogs and to use it by looking at the usage and guides a lot. Now, let’s write the pros and cons of Scrivener.


Screener is a great software for writing long documents.

One of the advantages of Scrivener is the compile function. If you write a novel in Hancom Office or MS Word, you will naturally have a lot of files for each chapter or episode unless you write one in only one file. Scrivener makes file managing easier in one enormous project, and you can compile them and make them into long writing. In Korea, it is common to write web novels on Naver novel or Kakaopage. so we do not highlight this point. But many people in foreign countries try to make their e-books and publish them on Amazon. And I thought that this compilation function, was a perfect fit for making a book .

Of course, you can’t just do it randomly when you compile. Scrivener makes it easy to organize files in a project. You can specify document descriptions, tags, etc, and make it easy to manage documents by making them like cardboards. I think it is the best advantage of Scrivener compared to other software. It is a good function when writing not only novels but also scenarios and papers. I used novels as examples before, but Scrivener is a great software when you want to write anything long.

Another feature of the Scrivener is the template. Although Software like MS Word or PowerPoint use templates, there is a reason I emphasized Scrivener as a characteristic. Usually, a template means a type of standard that would be good for certain situations, such as a letter template and a presentation template, but as explained above, Scrivener combines the writing process into a single file, so the template also sets the entire process as a standard. It is difficult because it is written in words, but you can think of it as standardized so that you can work comfortably.

Foreign bloggers or <a href="https://www.well-storied.com/blog/ten-reasons-to-write-your-novel-in-scrivener" target="_self" rel="noreferrer noopener noofollow" aria-label="author often use scrivener. When I read their usage, I think it's very professional. Create a separate and classify your own articles by time, genre, etc. and put them into appropriate materials. Honestly, you can do it similarly to Evernote, but it feels like A little more organized.

These days, for example, novel programs are all supported with various miscellaneous functions. It is often convenient because you can split the screen and see various documents, documents, and materials at once. For example, when you write a paper or translate it. Moreover, I support markdown grammar, but many people do not use it. In addition, there are many other functions such as concentration mode, full-screen mode, letter count counter, dictionary (but Korean is not working well…), spelling function, and scenario mode. It is just a pity that Hangul's support is relatively poor.


Scrivener has many substitutes and is difficult to use.

We have talked about Scrivener's characteristics and strengths so far, so now we're going to write about Scrivener's weaknesses and disappointments. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, there are many substitutes is a disadvantage. Scribner is a program that costs about 40,000 won when I bought it, and now about 45 dollar. The iOS version costs about 15 dollars. Of course, it is not bad because it's a program that can use full functionality for this amount of money, but Evernote can use a lot of functions for free, and MS Onenote and Google documents are just free programs. Recently, there was a paid version of Google documents, but the basic function is free. And this program doesn't even sell very well. I bought it for about 24,000 won (about 22~23 dollars), 40% off, but it was on sale to celebrate the 10th anniversary, so you can think of it as having no sale.

The interface is a little hard to get used to. I'm sorry to hear that . Of course, it is because it has a lot of its functions, so it wouldn't hurt to use the Scrivener properly. But, if you don't watch tutorials or lectures, it looks messy to where you wonder what it is. And of course, tutorials and lectures are very long. In Korea, there is a guide that someone made based on the Mac version, but it is quite long. If you will not look at the guide, you need to go through a lot of things. I'll talk about it later when I review the PC version. It is not convenient. It is difficult to see the basic screen. Honestly, it is not a good first impression. Also, I mentioned it for a while before, but it's disappointing that it's a program that's heavy. I use it on the Windows version, so it may not be the Mac version.

We recommend that you try and purchase the screener yourself.

When I bought Scrivener, it was 2017. Scrivener is 10 years old, so it was quite innovative when Scrivener first came out, but earlier, there are a lot of alternatives. That's why I thought it wasn't as good as I thought at first. However, as mentioned earlier, there are people who make E-books, people who write very long articles such as papers, and people who write things that have a project personality, and others who are perfect for Scrivener. Scrivener exists in a demo version, so If you're interested in Scrivener, we recommend you try it for a while.

I think I have done all the basic explanations for Scrivener. Next, I own Scrivener <a href="https://kingpinstudio.net/---/" target="_self" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="Windows version and review for iOS version. And after that, I'm going to review the Scrivener 3 Windows version, which released recently. Thank you for reading the lengthy article!

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