[Duolingo] Study Spanish 2. intro 2, Phrases

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Study Spanish 2. intro 2, Phrases

Before I start writing: I'm going to put some things I've studied on Duolingo on my blog as well as review them. So, since there is not much content, if you want to study on your own, I recommend that you try Duolingo... And Duolingo has very limited functions in Korean, so I just wrote it in English - Spanish. Of course, as my level is not enough, the words are simple, so there is no hindrance to my studies.

Mi dinero : My money

Un autobus: a bus

Yo Comprendo: I understand

Yo necesity dinero: I need money

Tu boleto: Your ticket

Tu autobús está aqui : Your bus is here.

¿Dónde está el aeropuerto? : Where is the airport?

Un boleto a Barcelona : A ticket to Barcelona

El bano : The bathroom

En el museo: In the museum

El museo está cerrado: The museum is closed

Yo quiero pagar la cuenta : I want to pay the check

Una ensalada de tomate : A salad with tomato

Sin leche, por favor : Without milk please

Un jugo de naranja por favor : An orange juice, please

¿Carne o pescado : Mear or fish

Un vaso de agua, por favor : A glass of water please

Sin sal por favor : Without salt, please

Yo necesito la cuenta : I need the check

El hombre bebe café : The man drinks coffee

Una hamburguesa de pescado : A fish burger

Un sándwich de queso : A cheese sandwich

Un café sin azúcar : A coffee without sugar

Una mesa para dos personas : A table for two people

Yo como una hamburguesa con carne : I eat a burger with meat

Mi familia : My family

Yo vivo aquí: I live here

Mi esposo : My husband

Tu abuelo: Your grandfather

Mi abuela : My grandmother

Yo tengo una bicicleta : I have a bicycle

Un carro y una bicicleta : A car and a bicycle

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