Review of R Square Folder Mat. I don't know the price, but the quality is definitely...

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R Square Folder Mat

Review of R Square Folder Mat. You don't know the price, but the quality is definitely good!

There are many yoga mats for home training mats, and I wanted to have a slightly larger mat because my main exercises are ring feet and just dance. I think the yoga mat is a bit narrow, so... This was not the one on the front page of the shopping mall. This is the item I found after doing some searching. This is R Square folder mat.

When I received the R Square folder mat in person, the real thing was bigger than my imagination. It is the size of one or two people to sleep. I didn't think it was that big on the product description page, but I was really surprised. And it is very thick. Although I did not measure it myself, it is as thick as 5 sheets of yoga mats. If it had been larger, it would be almost enough to be used as a mat in a martial arts dojo. I think it would be okay to roll forward, fall, etc. even if I put only one or two. Of course I haven't actually done it...

R Square Folder Mat
It is very large and thick. It can't be used in a small one-room...
R Square Folder Mat
At first, I was surprised to open the box.

The R-square folder mat is large and thick, so it is great for exercising at home.

Rsquare folder mat, personally, I am very satisfied. At least when doing home training, it seems that there will be almost no problems due to its size. Rather, I think that if the studio is very narrow, you may not be able to use this friend. For example, if it was my former studio, this friend's room was so small that I couldn't use it. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the mat is very thick, so I don't think there's much worry about noise unless it's at the level of intentionally jumping. Wouldn't an electronic drum be possible to exaggerate a bit? I want to. Of course, I would actually use a dustproof mat.

The R-square folder mat is a bit expensive because it costs around 100,000 won. However, I am not sure if the cost-performance ratio is good, but at least the quality seems to be worth the price, so I like it. I don't know where the day will come when I'll get married later and live in an apartment, but at least I'll love it when I'm alone.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It's an expensive home training mat, but the quality itself is definitely good!

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