[Looking back on 2018] 2. The first half of WordPress. WordPress Blog 1 Year Review

WordPress Blog 1 Year Review

[Looking back at 2018] 2. WordPress blog. The only thing that is going well among the new things. WordPress 1 year review.

This is part 2 looking back on 2018. This is the first year of my WordPress. My WordPress blog is already a year old. Of course, even after a year, the growth trend is very good, but I still feel good. Let's write that story. This is a 1 year review of WordPress blog.

As soon as 2018 came, I started a WordPress blog. I thought about it in my own way, but in the end I started boldly. At first, in an unfamiliar environment called WordPress, I was very fussed, and I spent a lot of time with me, from purchasing the most basic theme to (in my own way) carefully and carefully. Buy X ThemeAnd soon X ProI purchased additionally. Then, I bought several plugins and started working. in the middle Avada themeI bought it, but it didn't suit me well. It is also because I have already decorated my blog with X theme to some extent.

Anyway, I wasn't good at my activities because of the exam until May, but after that I started doing activities whenever there was time, and I continued to touch them little by little internally. OXYGENBuy and have the current blog structure. And when I used X Pro, there were 50 and 60 plugins, but now I have cut it down to 20 antivirus excluding add-ons. And Amazon CDNIt's not easy to install a logo and a favicon, but it's also up to date, so I can focus on my studies next year. One regret is that I couldn't make a page and I couldn't fill 100 by writing only 98. Of course, if you write a review of 2018 now, there are only 100 very symbolic! This could have been possible, but I was busy on December 31st, so I'm not posting this until January 2nd, 2019...

While working on WordPress blogging, people always sang songs anytime, anytime, but looking at the one-year graph, it can be said that there was an explosive rise. Of course, the uptrend is only an uptrend when you look at the graph, but in fact, it's about 30 people a day, so it's very poor. Still, I am very happy to see them growing in their own way. There are so many resources on my computer. I am writing those materials little by little in my own way, but there are still enough materials to be used for several months. I will write it little by little and write it all as time permits. I don't know if I'll be using it all at the end of next year... In addition, I'm gradually moving the materials from my past Tstory blog to my WordPress blog. However, it is a pity that it is not very helpful to my blog inflow because they are usually too old.

On the one hand, I thought that WordPress was not well suited to the domestic Internet environment as a blog. I've talked about it many times before, but the WordPress blog really doesn't catch on Naver... First of all, it's quick to see that it just doesn't hang on a popular topic. Those who write T-story also say a lot of regrets, but WordPress does more. Perhaps that is why most of the people who use WordPress in Korea came from Google. Naver and Google are half and half because the inflow number itself is small. I still seem to be lacking in activities, so I think the answer is just to work harder. Still, when I was active in T-story in the past, it seems like you came for 50 to 100 minutes if you wrote close to 100 articles, but it's a lot of regret.

There are a lot of stories to talk about in the future, and things like app reviews that I wrote in the past are supplemented little by little. To be honest, in the first half of the year, I am busy with exams, so my activities are difficult, but I will try my best. I will continue to work hard in the future.

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