[Monthly Blog] May 2019. WordPress 5.2 update and more. Activity is sluggish

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WordPress 5.2 Update

Monthly blog May 2019. WordPress 5.2 update and more. Blogs are on the rise compared to less activity

I had a test sooner or later, so I wasn't having enough activity. In the meantime, things have happened in WordPress. And fortunately, my blog was on the rise despite little activity. I will write them down one by one.

WordPress 5.2 Update
WordPress 5.2 update. It has been slightly improved.

1. WordPress 5.2 Update

In a short time, WordPress Core was updated to version 5.2. WordPress 5.2 version site health check The feature has been installed since 5.1, but it has been updated, and pages related to my site status and debugging have been added. In addition to this, PHP error protection is said to have been added. They also added a dashboard icon. I haven't used this part, so I can't feel it. Also, it is said that the accessibility has been updated, but the part of accessibility cannot be felt well.

In addition to this, the minimum PHP version is Version 5.6.20Increased to. And the recommended version is also called 7.3. This is a pretty big difference in speed depending on the PHP version, but there is a reason why you don't dare to update it. Still, I like the hosting site I use because the PHP version upgrade is simple.

Meanwhile, when updating the WordPress core, the default WordPress themes are often updated as well. Twenty sixteen, seventeen things like this. The basic theme is so simple that I personally don't like it, but I saw the statistics before it is the power of the basics, but it is still used as a ranking among all the WordPress themes. I hope the next basic theme is a little cooler...

2. WordPress plugin update

1.Updated WP Fastest Cache,

WP Fastest Cache is an app that is a bit slow to update, but it has been updated twice this month. If you look at the contents, you can see the exclude related contents and the widget related contents are also shown, so it is not simply clearing the cache, but more subdivided and organized... I guess it goes about this way. Honestly, this plugin is a bit difficult for me to understand... but I like the many updates. Are you nervous because your rivals are coming out in a row?

2. Jetpack Update 7.3

First Jetpack version 7.3In Health check It is said that features are added to the dashboard. However, those functions that check are difficult to use properly unless you are a developer. It's curious how to fix the wrong part... Well, I still like this feature. I have seen virtue before. In addition to this, it is said that the out of the box experience has been improved, but out of the box is said to mean'special handling'. It has been roughly refined... I think it can be interpreted like this. And it's usually better that way~ It's not common to feel this kind of thing. Still, there are certainly many changes, so I think it's good.

3. Gutenberg 5.7, 5.8 update

Gutenberg 5.7 UpdateIn Adjust the area ratio of the column blockI can do it. The UI of the group block has been improved, and the latest block-related content has also been updated, so it seems to be an update looking ahead. I think it's a good update because there are few friends who support that ratio among related plugins. In a way, the group block seems to have received my feedback because it supports global options somewhat, so I can't erase the thought of being satisfied, but honestly. I think it needs to be more intuitive.

Gutenberg Update 5.8In The font color of the head block It is said that it can be changed. Honestly, I often think,'Is this now?', but anyway, it's good to be now. And Reposition gallery imagesIt is said that I can do it. Personally, it was the most unfavorable part of Gutenberg, but it's nice to add it now. Previously, to change the location of gallery photos, you should have just created a new block. And the widgets screen POC related functions have been updated, but I am not sure what this is. Still, seeing the phrase initial and the contents of widgets Widget related functionsSeems to have updated This is the beginning of an update for the big picture, so I love it. Of course, due to the nature of these, I would not have made it properly. Maybe next year or so, it will be a good feature...

On the other hand, in Gutenberg 5.7, the editor speed was somewhat slow for some reason, but it is said to be faster again in version 5.8. 5.4 seconds loading time It is said to have decreased to the extent. I like the way it develops. But I found a bug again. If you enter 1. 2. in the heading block, the block will be changed... ha...

4. Advanced Custom Field Update 5.8

The Advanced Custom Field plugin is safe to say that everyone who uses WordPress properly is using it. But because I don't know PHP... I still had it on, but after a while updateHas been. The main content has been talked about ACF block for Gutenbergis. I know it is supported only in the premium version, but ACF is a very cost-effective (for those who can use it...) plugin, and those who use ACF usually use the pro version, so it doesn't seem like a big problem. I also want to finish my study right now and study web design like this, but I don't know when it will be.

Honestly, I'm not quite familiar with the need for custom fields including ACF yet. I did not show all the features of WordPress, but at least until now, I am using WordPress well. I wonder if you will appreciate the web-related study later.

5. Autoptimize 2.5.1 Update

This plugin is also a friend that is not well updated, but it was updated in a short time. Mainly image related functions have been updated. The update history is small, but it looks bold.

6.Rank Math 1.0.24, 1.0.25 Update

Honestly, this plugin isn't famous enough to mention it here, but it's on the rise, so I wrote it down. A lot of things have been updated as it is updated in a short time. Roughly speaking, the framework has been improved and all known bugs have been fixed. However, the error related to the Table of Contents that I gave feedback on seems to be far away... I still like it.

3. Blog on the rise

I mentioned it briefly at the beginning of the post, but in May 2019, blogging was quite sluggish, but blogging was on the rise. It looks like I'll get busy until June, but I should write as much as I can.

On the Worth of Web, the value went up from $13140 to $19043, and revenue rose a lot from 1k to 2k. Above all, Alexa Rank is at 605306. 400355 etc.It is said to have risen. Unbelievable...

For site worth traffic, the value rose from $1311 to $1901, and daily users from 174 to 358. But in reality, it’s still about 50 people per month...

At Siteprice, the price starts at $3768 USD 5071It also went up a lot.

In Website Outlook, worth increased from 3.98k to 6.02k.

In the My Website worth checker, Estimated worth dropped a lot from $413 to $267, but the pageview increased significantly from 5195 to 7881.

In addition to this, the scores for other services went up a little. Overall, it is about 1.5 times higher than the last month. I don't always believe it.

4. Reviews

The reason is always unknown, but the blog has been on the rise. I don't know if the rankings would have risen even on SimilarWeb. Anyway, I personally think it's fortunate. If the test results for June are good and you can spend more time on the blog, then you will see quite good results. For now, I'll focus more on my studies... Originally, this article should have been published right away on June 1st and 2nd, but it's pretty late because it's busy...

Meanwhile WordPress has its 16th birthday on May 29thIt is said to have been hit. WordPress is such an old thing... It has a history and tradition, but in Korea, the population is still only 0.2%. Of course, it was because there were many alternatives such as Namo web editor and blog in Korea. Anyway, I'm burying my bones in WordPress, so I hope that WordPress will continue to develop in the future. The article ends here. Thank you.

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