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This month is likely to be a bit low due to not writing a lot of articles, but it was a month with meaning in its own way because the blog was slightly modified internally. And on December 9th Korean time, WordPress 5.6 was updated, and I'm going to write a bit about it.

1. WordPress 5.6 update

WordPress 5.6 has been updated! What I like about WordPress is that it already has 36 or 37 percent of the world's market share, so it can be called as the single No. 1, but the update is steadily progressing because of its competitors. And it's nice to see that it's moving step by step as it has its own big picture.

First of all, the biggest change in WordPress version 5.6 is the upgrade of the block editor (Gutenberg). As a version, it was updated from 8.6 to 9.4 at once. However, the recent Gutenberg's feature additions are a bit sluggish, but you may not feel that big change as it is focusing on the big picture, typically Full Site Editing.

In addition to that, a new default theme called Twenty Twenty-One has also been added. The basic theme is always a good concept, but instead it is as simple as it is good and the site speed is quite high, so it is a theme that has a surprisingly high share.

2. Blog performance

This month's blog performance seems to be similar to the previous month, but it has improved a bit.

First of all, sites that seem to reflect Alexa Rank such as Worth of Web or Siteprice in their rankings slightly decreased the value of my blog. Instead, my blog performance has improved significantly on SimilarWeb and Ubersuggest.

First of all, on Similarweb, my blog ranking has risen significantly from 3182987 worldwide to 2346660, from 75531 domestic to 58188, and from 96102 in the same category to 73656. As a bonus, Ahref also climbed quite a lot from 137902642 to 126609451. Of course I have a long way to go... And it's nice to say that I recently used a translation plugin or Ubersuggest has solved a lot of my blog problems! Now, the only answer is to work hard and increase your results... I'll do my best as it says that your performance has improved a lot! Fortunately, I am working hard these days because I have time. Good results should come out next month... Of course, the blog is being reorganized little by little, but we are doing it steadily. The change is slow, but...

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