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[Monthly Blog] The lowest performance in 2020... October 20

Blog's lowest performance in 2020... but aims to rebound

This month is probably the lowest performance this year. Where the former glory is going... But there are some reorganizations on the blog, so I decided to post it as an adjunct. So the overall content is rather short.

1. Blog Performance

Alexa Rank dropped sharply from 1532264 to 4273788... So blog performance has also gone down tremendously ㅠㅠ But the comforting point is that the ranking of blogs in SimilarWeb slightly rose from 3330892 around the world to 3182987. However, Korea's ranking decreased from 74019 to 75531... Besides that, Ahrefs Rank also fell slightly from 130621341 to 137902642.

2. Blog reorganization

To be precise, the blog itself has not changed much. Right now. But I bought the Rank Math Pro and Translatepress Pro versions, which is also the reason I wrote this article. In particular, Translatepress is a very important part of being a part of my super-big project... I have a lot of work these days, so blogging is a bit difficult, but I'm trying to build content step by step.

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