[Monthly Blog] The number of visitors increased, but the performance decreased. January 2021

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Monthly blog January 2021. The number of visitors increased, but the performance decreased. But maybe it's a realistic number

This is the first monthly blog in 2021. The number of visitors itself has increased considerably compared to last month, but the actual performance has decreased considerably. I don't know why, but it happened... But considering that the last month's performance was too low and the last month's performance was too high, I wonder if the current number is rather realistic. I will write them one by one.

1. Blog Performance

1) Blog value measurement sites

As mentioned earlier, compared to the increase in the number of visitors, the overall performance decreased, which is a little disappointing. Still, the decrease is not so big, so I'm going to try harder next month. The decrease in Alexa Rank seems to be the cause, but it has decreased considerably from 981886 to 1126989.

Worth of Web-The value of my blog has decreased from $3264 to $2892.
Siteworthtraffic-The value of my blog has decreased from $871 to $657.
Siteprice-These days this site is in a bit weird. From $185 last month... to $1849 this month.

2) Semrush

The site itself is really top-notch, but it's always a pity that the free version has limitations. Someday, if my blog makes a lot of money... Someday... Anyway, I like Semrush because it gives me the feeling of always developing even though it is definitely the most famous guy among similar sites because the site design has changed a lot.

Visibility slightly increased from 10.85% to 11.69%. Other than this, there are no major changes.

3) SimilarWeb

Regardless of the status of my blog, SimilarWeb was always on the top of the list, but this month, even this friend saw a slight decrease in the number, so it seems that the monthly blog performance was definitely disappointing. Obviously, the activity has been slow these days...

From 1780569 in the world to 2332150, from 44863 to 42216 in Korea, and from 59528 to 63523 within the category.

4) Ahref

The site ranking has fallen a lot from 124176220 to 134104626. However, it seems that traffic and keywords have risen quite a bit, so it is not bad.

5) Ubersuggest

This is my most trusted site. Keywords and traffic rose very significantly, but the score dropped from 80 to 77, which hurts my heart.

2. Others

In the past, I used to write a monthly blog or self-improvement of the month somewhat spontaneously, but now I am trying to write a little more systematically by creating a kind of template. In the future, if you write or write about how to use WordPress, I think it would be okay to explain this part as well. First of all, these days, activities are sluggish, there are holidays, and I am busy living in my own way, but I try to improve myself little by little.

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