[Smartphone Game Review] Winning Eleven Club Manager, a Different Charm from Football Manager (PES Club Manager)

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Winning Eleven Club Manager

'Winning Eleven Club Manager' with a different charm than a football manager (PES Club Manager) 

 The game to review this time is'Winning Eleven Club Manager'is. There are various football games, but I've never played a'football manager' type game for the first time. I haven't played a football manager that can be said to be the original, but I was very excited about this game. I heard that Winning Eleven is far short of FIFA in the main family series, but this game received surprisingly favorable reviews. So I tried it. And I just played this game for a while.

Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager

The first player in the game is very useful.

 From Winning Eleven Club Manager Players are managers, not players.

 The overall flow of the game is for the player to become the football manager and make his team the best. Of course. However, since the player is the manager, no matter how frustrating our team is, he cannot play himself. In the end, the player must first Building a team with great membersis. Unlike the football manager, the game is free, so there are some tangible elements, but in the beginning, it is a kind of service that gives you a special player. It seems to be a step because it can get tired of playing games with players who are somewhat unknown or with less good stats at the beginning. It can be very useful until you retire. After all, class...


Winning Eleven Club ManagerJust because you are a director, you may lose unexpectedly if you neglect it.

The Winning Eleven Club Manager It's a game where tactics are more important than control.

 As far as I know, I heard that Football Manager is a very difficult game, Winning Eleven Club Manager is pretty simple. Position the players according to their stats, set the formation appropriately, manage the players' fatigue and health, and then it is up to the players after the game begins. Of course, that's not the end, it's managing fatigue or injuries, or changing players or tactics. There are cases where the player is injured, suddenly receives a yellow card / red card after letting go of his hand, or loses the game by just pretending that he will win. Even if the power difference is large, it often loses unexpectedly. 

Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager

The squad develops little by little.


The Winning Eleven Club Manager Although there are tangible elements, it is a game that you can enjoy without being overwhelmed.

 As a football manager, I heard that strategy is so important that strategy determines win or loss, but this game is not that much. Sometimes,'Why lose?' There are cases, but in some cases you can win if you play with just a good formation and properly manage your condition. And you can quickly recover from fatigue / injury recovery, etc. with items. The reality is a little less It may be better to enjoy it lightly.. It's not a die-for-sale game, but if you care too much, you can get tired. For reference, you can get it in the game, or if it isn't enough, it's cash...

Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager
Not only 3D, but also 2D is quite immersed in the game.

The Winning Eleven Club Manager It boasts high-quality graphics among mobile games.

 The graphics were more than I thought. Among mobile games, it boasts high-quality graphics. First of all, it supports both 2D and 3D relays. 2D is the traditional method used primarily by football managers. So-called go egg... It's usually annoying, so it looks like you'll see this. It’s 2D, but it’s more exciting than I thought There is. It's just the go-go eggs moving back and forth, but when I see them moving, it's not that much more than I thought. The 3D broadcast has a really good graphic, but it's a game between computers, but secretly the computer does everything, including personal skills. So without knowing, "Hey!! Hey!! Do it right!!" Even making a sound like this...

Winning Eleven Club Manager Winning Eleven Club Manager
It feels more like an element to enjoy than a sim city.


The Winning Eleven Club Manager Not only the club, but also nearby facilities must be managed.

 The football manager is only directed by the player, but the game also builds surrounding buildings, just like Mansour. Of course, you shouldn't think of anything like SimCity, it's just like Gameville Pro Baseball and there are several facilities that upgrade it. Since this game is also subtly injured, it is possible to make it easier to treat injuries by upgrading hospitals. Or, more training for the players.
Winning Eleven Club Manager

It's good to see that the players develop little by little. I can't feel it right away, but...

The Winning Eleven Club Manager It is a game that you can have fun even if you do not know soccer.


p style="text-align: justify;" align="center"> Overall, it's a pretty good game. Once the game doesn't really have to spend money. Of course, I want to hire a huge player such as Messi or create my own team!! People like this should scream a little, but just If you put meaning in the gameplay itself, you don't have to spend money. The difficulty level doesn't suddenly become difficult, so if you use it properly with the players you currently have, there is no problem with the game. And, like any other mobile game, there's some kind of behavioral ability that can be played every 30 minutes. Therefore, I usually do it like 5th edition and take a break. It's really mobile, but if you think positively, I won't say it's bad because it might not be immersed in a lot.
In addition to that, there are many events such as multiple cups in the game, so even if the gameplay is the same, you can enjoy it secretly. It is a game that is suitable for mobile, so you can play it lightly at any time. Even if you are not interested in soccer, it would be nice to try it at least once. Thank you.

 Title: Winning Eleven Club Manager (PES Club Manager)
 Developer: KONAMI
 Genre: Soccer simulation
 Release date: 2015. 6. 6. (Based on the Japanese version.)

* In the previous article, I played a lot of games and wrote reviews, but when I moved to WordPress, the photos were blown away, and the first half of the game was mainly due to taking a new screenshot. Game data was also blown away... Please understand.

Personally, a game that I want to be more successful than a football manager
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