[Self-development of the month] Almost did not exercise ㅠ September 2020

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I was busy due to a lot of work, but overall the exercise was very sluggish... When I measured my weight on September 9th, I was in a good mood because it was 91.5 kilos, but after the holidays passed with a final blow to something like a dinner or something, I lied like a lie. ...

September 9th 91.5, September 15th 92.25, September 28th 92.55 It was slightly increased in this way, but the final blow today was 94.2kg on October 5th... Wow... It was shocking; I think you did a really good workout yesterday... I think I'll have to work hard again...

On the other hand, there are many things that I bought and tried new things. There are many more related articles, but there are so many things to write these days... I will update the contents gradually. Recently, I have a lot of thoughts about blogs and there are various miscellaneous stories, so I will write them gradually.

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