[This month's self-development] Habits are always re-established, but keeps sluggish...

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Self-development of this month January 2021. Always redefine habits, but sluggish...

In 2021, I tried to devote myself to self-development with a new mind in my own way, but these days I have no strength, no time, and somehow sluggish. But still, I try to live my own way. And starting this year, I'm going to write down all the records that I really did. The system is still a little insufficient, but once it is established, I will try to upload it as a screenshot as possible.

1. Monthly habit record

First of all, this is the first record in 2021, so I'm going to write it down a bit with a focus on future plans. First of all, it's really little by little, but I aim to get a habit that I achieve every day. So what I was worried about

  • 7 minute workout
  • Listening to one ingang (masterclass, etc.)
  • Achieve mimo daily
  • Practice drawing
  • 200 characters writing
  • Practice melodics
  • Practice composing

There are seven like this, but the four above are still frequent, but the bottom three are rarely good. Actually, these four dogs weren't doing well, but after going to the pool villa with my friend in mid-January, I got a kind of awakening (?). So I am doing it a little. In the future, make sure to do all seven... And I think I should also find a way to make those seven look just like the screenshot above (so that I don't check that they were fake).

2. Others and conclusions

I have a lot of goals, so there are so many things to do, but there are still not many. First of all, setting up some habits is of the utmost importance, and once that is achieved, I will try to do each of the goals and projects planned for this year.

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