[Over the year 2020] 2. Start of subscription and its list

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Start of subscription and its list

At the end of each year, in addition to the closing of the blog, I write about episodes that were most important to me that year. In 2018, blogs and WordPress 1 year reviewWow Investment journal. In 2019 Passing period for local level 9 public officialsI wrote about. Honestly this is this year 2020! Honestly, I didn't have anything I wanted to...

But why is there nothing special? I thought about it, but this year is the year that has the most fluctuations in my life as a whole, although there is no one that is big. First of all, I went to work, moved to my own home (I lived in my old home for 4 years), and bought so many... so many things. I think the real courier came every day for a few weeks after moving...

However, I bought things from time to time in the past, and although I'm not, there are some people who change their homes often. Here, I haven't done anything before, but there are a lot of things I started this year. It is a subscription service. Of course, there are many people who use Netflix, etc. in Korea, but... I couldn't imagine using this kind of service that pays full money every year until I get paid. Of course, I still don't have a lot of salary even now, so I chose as carefully as possible when subscribing. And... I'm not spending one or two pennies of money, so I hope to use these as a starting point for further development next year. I'm going to write down that list. For reference, this only deals with subscription services, so it does not deal with things purchased for a lifetime, such as habitify.

One. todoist

It's safe to say that you've been thinking about this friend almost all year round. Chat about old productivity long long I wrote, and one of the final products is this friend. I wrote it before, but to write it down shortly, I'm looking for a tool to use alone anyway. That's why the collaboration/team-related features supported by most of the popular tools at the moment don't mean anything to me. After tapping so many tools, I finally went back to the to do app.

The biggest merit of todoist was that it had a Kanban function. And there are so many to do apps, and I also liked that this guy is a pretty intuitive guy. In other words, TrelloIt's easy to organize and intuitive to use. And the price is pretty cheap! Three months of Trello equals one year of Todoist. Cheap but good friend clickup There was a degree, so I tried and tried to keep using this friend, but it really didn't suit me. I think the intuitive guy is right.

2. daylio

This friend, too, is the diary app that I chose after searching for and looking for it. I also write in-kind (?) diaries, so I needed a diary that I could write'just what I actually did' as an app, and I chose this Daylio because it is an app optimized for that. I still write it down well, and I love it because it's cheaper if the price is discounted. However, if it is a diary app, it seems to be a disadvantage if it is a disadvantage that it lacks the sensitivity that is almost essential...

3. melodics

It is an instrument practice app. At the music academy, I sometimes work overtime, and these days I can't go because of the corona... Then I chose the guy. The best advantage is that the price is not that expensive, and it is fun because it is a way of teaching like a rhythm game while using real instruments. I can use a lot of electronic instruments in my own way, so I'm happy to support all of my instruments. It is the most wasteful app due to lack of practice time. In particular, my drums are so small that it only took 20 minutes to assemble, so my chest...ㅠㅠ

4. dawn dog yoga

Looking for a yoga app, I was worried because there were so many secrets, but I think I chose it well. First of all, the price is not that bad. There are also many exercise apps from the same company, and all of these apps have compatible subscriptions! In the past, I was wondering if there were a little lack of functionality compared to famous exercise apps such as Adidas, but there are a lot of apps from the same company, so it has a rather good shape. So now I've definitely subscribed to a yoga app, but I'm spending more time using high intensity interval training for about 5 minutes a day...

Even if the app developer doesn't know whether it's for advertising or in good faith, these days, it calculates the time of corona and unlocks a lot of apps for free. It's free until February, but considering that I subscribed to it in August or so... I like the app itself anyway, but first of all, I like the Korean voice. I used to do yoga, but now I have a lot more body and I have lost all my senses, so this part is quite big. I like it because I can set up the yoga schedule in quite detail. Of course, the Korean voice sounds like a foreigner who speaks Korean, but I can understand it.

5. steezy studio

How can I have fun exercising? In the past, I bought Just Dance and did a little while thinking, but there is a full-fledged (?) app like this, so I subscribed. It's a bit more expensive than the above friends, but the quality is definitely good. There is only one bad thing, my body... And this app is also a regrettable app because I don't have enough time... I think we can make it even more fun if we deal with the pushback.

6. One drive

Honestly, at this point, he is quite a friend of love and hatred. If I picked it again now, I think I could have picked Dropbox... First of all, Dropbox has a nice image, so there are a lot of guys that only support Dropbox syncing, such as Scrivener... Android apps still Most of the Google Drive is supported, but iOS apps... Is it because Microsoft is in conflict with Apple? And I don't know if it's a problem with the cloud app itself, but the Android version of OneDrive app just doesn't sync. There are a lot of samples, but it's a paid plan... Rather, this part works better on iOS. On the iPad, the synchronization is still very quick.

Still, the reason it is difficult to throw it away is because the cost performance is so excellent. It's because there's an office in it... Honestly, I subscribed to the office, but it's at the level of OneDrive. However, I used the office very enthusiastically at first, but now I do not use it often. In particular, Outlock... Outlock doesn't seem to be a big bad thing, but Microsoft rarely cares about individual customers at the company level... So, I'm getting more and more thoughts that it doesn't suit me. I think Excel is still a little too much for me to use. But personally, Ward is also okay... In many ways, he is a friend of love and hate. I wonder if I would have subscribed to both Dropbox and both if I had a higher salary.

7. Noom Diet

It is currently the most expensive of all subscriptions. If you look at the reviews of the Noom diet, you usually use it as a refundable product, but I am just subscribed to a regular subscription product (?). When I think about it now, it's a bit unfortunate for money, but... Still, I closed my eyes and shouted.

I tried a lot of diets, but the reason I failed was that if I didn't write down my diet for a day or two, such as having a dinner after having a good diet and going home for holidays, etc... then I didn't do it all the time. .. So I decided to buy the paid version because I decided that I needed someone to hold me.

Honestly, there are a lot of regrets in terms of app performance alone. First of all, the number of foods is a bit small. And although the interface is neat, I don't think it's structured. It is a bit cumbersome to look at the history, etc., and there are many aspects that are unfortunate. But what I did in Sebashi lectureIf you think about it, it seems that it has its own philosophy (?) as it is a popular app around the world. For example, it is not necessary to consider food one by one, and the actual users do not check each exercise, but because everyone checks the pedometer, they emphasized the pedometer function...

The coach doesn't talk too much about the number of people he manages. Send messages 2-3 times a day. Is it not a translation? There are many times it's hard enough to want, but is it because it's an American app? Are you a Korean coach? Sometimes I even think of it. I will post a monthly review.

8. Masterclass

This is an Internet lecture site that I started listening to from last year. Probably the highest level of instructors among all the existing lecture sites, except for courses at the level required to earn a degree like Kocera. People who have risen to the world level in their respective fields come out.

However, it is a little disappointing that it is difficult to take long lectures with expensive people, so long as you are at Udemy, you cannot expect a really detailed lecture of 20 or 30 hours.

9. Shadowdraw

Personally, I want to draw a picture well, but I can't get my hands on it. That's why I found it while looking for it. Each drawing process is displayed on the screen, and drawing is completed by following it. Of course, there are many reviews saying,'What's the difference from just following it?' So, maybe it would be nice to write it until very beginner level people like me are interested in the picture properly.

10. Mimo

Programming also has no hands, but it must be done, so I found it while looking for apps. I like it because it was quite fun to study, and I've been taking lectures a few times before, but I always listened to the beginning of HTML. It feels like I'm only studying the assembly part in the basics of mathematics, but I'm trying to do it right this time.

11. domestica

This is a lecture site that focuses on creation, but personally, I am a bit disappointed. Rather than this site is bad, I already had a lot of lectures to listen to, so next time I was patient with my mind; So, I probably won't subscribe to a regular subscription next year, and I think I'll pay again at that time if the lecture is hungry (?) in the future.

12. WP Rocket

Litespeed Cache is a friend who paid for it with a little regret after crashing with my blog, but I think the performance is definitely worth the money. Of course, there are a lot of good guys in the free version of the cache plugin... From my point of view, it's nice that blog errors are reduced by one

13. TranslatePress

It's a blog translation plugin, but I bought it after looking at the big picture, but I haven't used it yet, so tears cover it... It's still in Google automatic translation. So, in the future, I have to fix the wrong translation myself, but I am very worried about how messed up the automatic translation status will be... I think I will have to actually translate and write a detailed review.

14. RankMath Pro

There are some regrets, but it seems to be a good plugin if you buy it at a discounted price. The functionality itself is pretty good, so if it gets refined, wouldn't it be possible to stop using other SEO tools? I want to. Of course, the function itself has reached this level now, but it seems that there are many minor errors, so it will take more time. However, I've been using Rank Math for about two years, and I really like the steps I've shown so far, so I can wait long enough.


Looking at it like this, I think that I am spending a lot of money... but I try to comfort myself (?) because I am using the above services to increase my value. But these days, I don’t have much money, but I have found out the reason. I think I have to live harder.

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