Zenkit review. Collaboration tool in a somewhat stiff style

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Zenkit review. Collaboration tool in a somewhat stiff style. Applications don't have to be cool to succeed...

It is a collaboration tool that has been mentioned many times while searching for tools like this and that. Zenkitis. Before I started using it in earnest, it was interesting to have a friend like an alien as the main character. Honestly, this friend is not a cute or cool character at all, but when you look at the official site, you see something like a Jedi, so it seems that he is a character that was greatly influenced by Star Wars. It's not pretty, but it has personality, so I think I can admit it.


Zenkit is a rather stiff and easy-to-use style tool.

Zenkit is basically a Trello-style collaboration tool. Even in the old version Like a trelloI had a lot of feelings, but a few months ago, I redesigned the design and changed it to be more trello. Of course, it's not exactly the same, and Trello has become almost like Kanban's pronoun, so there are some parts that can't be helped, but I can't help but feel that way.

What is this trello-like part of? Stiff feelingReceive. There are few friends who don't go into Kanban for the tools used these days. They all have rich personalities, but they are usually neat and pretty. At first, when I used it on Android, I thought it was a bit clunky, so I turned it on on a computer, but it was better, but it still feels stiff. However, Trello's shape is a bit stiff, but instead, its performance, especially its flexibility, is very powerful, and it is also the most used tool by developers who don't care much about design, but Zenkit is a bit disappointing in that respect.

Zenkit is a bit unfortunate in terms of features and price. But mind map is good

However, I was a bit disappointed that my expectations were too high for the performance part of Zenkit. I mentioned it for a while, but once I add some flesh, the speed part App is a bit slow on Androidis. Of course, it's not a level that doesn't open at all like the old notion...

Previously, they said they were like Trello, and they only talked about Kanban, but of course, Zenkine does not have only Kanban mode, but supports several modes of its own. It's a good idea to organizeI think I will. First of all, it’s normal Mind mapPersonally, I like it. I don't know why, but there are quite a few apps that do not have a mind map function. However, as I said earlier, it's not really a pretty tool, so mind maps are honestly such a professional mind map. softwareIt is somewhat unfortunate for its shape or function. It might be nice to put meaning in just being there.

Is there anything unique to this Zenkit? When I think about it, nothing really comes to mind. Personally, that is unfortunate. There are a lot of similar friends, so I preoccupied like Trello, have a good personality like Notion, etc. I need something different, but I personally regret that part.

On the other hand, Zenkit's pricing policy is a bit curious, but on the official website it is basically free for personal use, and the paid price starts at 9 euros. If it used to be, the euro would have been a lot more expensive than the dollar, but these days the price of the dollar has also increased a lot... But for some reason, you can choose the dollar/euro. Both €9/dollaris. Hmm? I don't know the details, but they aren't stupid, so I think there is a reason. Well, from the point of view of Korean people, it is very good to spend 2,000 won a month cheaper.

Still, considering that Zenkit is an app that competes with Trello, it seems a bit more expensive, so it's a pity for the price. Compared to Trello, it is about this level, and for personal use, it is virtually free unless you are an expert. Notion Compared to the others, the price difference is even more... Of course, Notion’s competitors are EvernoteI don't like the performance of Notion, but if you consider that there is a Kanban mode...

Personally, it is a bit unfortunate, but there seems to be a clear demand.

Honestly, looking for multiple applications, I had quite an expectation, but once in design (it's improved a lot now, but in the past...), once in price, once in app, it was an app that didn't fit me in many ways.

But he was a friend who wanted to be in demand. First of all, neither is Trello nor MS Office (especially the outlock for desktop) because there is no reason to have a neat and pretty interface. I wondered if Zenkit had such a sort of thing as well as a clerical design. I think that's why there are so many competitors that they still hold on. The design has also been reorganized relatively recently. If you are interested, I think you can try it at least once.

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