A review of the 8th district of Chaklenet Planet. Chocolate that would be nice to receive as a gift... the concept is good

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Chaklenet Planet

Chaklenet Planet

A review of the 8th district of Chaklenet Planet. Chocolate can be good as a gift, but it's too expensive to buy with your own money...

I received a chocolate gift after a while, and it feels very good, and it was very interesting because it was the first chocolate I had ever seen, so I decided to post it on my blog, even briefly. It's a Chaklenet Planet 8 ball.

The name is quite unique, and the concept is a planet, that is, the concept of a planet, and all the chocolate shapes seem to have something. What is this, usually famous chocolates look neat and tidy, but this Chaklenet Planet looks like a mixture of paints, but if you think about the concept, it looks unique and pretty when you think of it as a planet.

The taste is pretty good too. Well, it's not that deep of a taste, but it's okay. I thought about it. The only disappointment is that there are only half of the 8 chocolates in the photo below... That is, they are hemispherical, not spherical... At first, looking at the pretty-looking chocolates like that picture, and then picking one up, I witnessed that there was only half of it. You will be struck by shock. And come to the conclusion that this is over 10,000 won?

The bottom line is that it looks pretty and the concept is good, so it's good as a gift, but I never eat it after giving my money... 'Can't I just buy it because I think it's high-quality chocolate?' I want to, but there are already many high-quality chocolates on the market... Well, I think it was a good experience because I got it as a gift.

Chaklenet Planet
There are only half planets...
Chaklenet Planet
Well, the concept is fine...
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