[Earn money with blog!] 1. Coupang Partners start and testimonials!

Started Coupang Partners

Make money with your blog! 1. Coupang Partners start and testimonials!

It's a project that I started with a grand start, saying, "Earn money with a blog!" In this series mainly Affiliate MarketingI will write about it. Of course, it's my first time doing it, so I'll write about my impressions while learning and doing it in real time. Well, in the future, if I stick to it, I wonder if I can write about Google AdSense.

In the field where affiliate marketing makes money with blogs, In foreign countries, it is almost two-top with Google AdSense. It is well known, but it is somewhat unfamiliar in Korea. Of course, there have been people who have been doing it since the past, but rather than a marketing name like that... I think it was like this in Korea, rather than it is unconditionally bad. Now.

Coupang Partners Review

But last year Coupang PartnersIs a new one. The concept itself is not new. When I write reviews or reviews on something, and when a consumer purchases the product through the link that I have inserted, a certain percentage of the profit is given off. In the past, if you bought a book from Aladdin, it was worth 150 won. The banner was placed on the right side of the Naver blog or Tistory, and the consumer bought the book through the link, which gave profit.

Coupang Partners is conceptually a more foreign Amazon-style affiliate marketing.

Anyway, in the end, they all earn money similarly. Compared to places like Link Price, which was used as an affiliate marketing site, it is the same way for us bloggers. However, the affiliate marketing used in Korea seems to have played a role as a relay between advertisers and bloggers, but Coupang Partners is a concept that gives money once Coupang sells their products. Foreign Amazon affiliate marketing Concept close to the wayLooks like. For reference, Amazon Affiliate is used in Korea. Pretty toughSeems to be. Even if I search Google, there are a lot of'try it', but those who say'make money~' are not so...

Coupang Partners Review

Coupang Partners is very easy to register and use. There are also many functions!

There was a long talk. Registering with Coupang Partners is very simple and doesn't take long. First of course Coupang IDMust have. I obviously had an ID in the past, but it was hacked or the ID disappeared. I made it again.

Coupang Partners Review

After creating an ID, register the site for Coupang Partners. It seems that multiple sites can be registered. After registering, entering your interests, etc., you can enter other basic information. Once you have completed your input, it will take a few days to be judged. I think it took a day or two.

Coupang Partners Review

When the screening is over and Coupang Partners becomes available, Revenue reportWow Product Search And so on. Product search literally means searching for a product in Coupang, creating a link, and then pasting it into your blog. Of course, it is also possible to check product information. exactly The link created by creating the link must be purchased by the consumer It is said that profits come in.

Links can also be created in different ways, so it is possible to simply put links inside text like hyperlinks like me, but I think you can also put links in photos using html, etc. In addition, it is possible to put a banner or even put a Coupang search box. There seems to be a responsive banner too. This is only a different method, and it seems that you can use it like Google AdSense.

I'm not sure if it's also in Korea In foreign countries, it’s almost like an Amazon relay. There were a lot of sites that wrote reviews really briefly and wrote only a collection of products (like the best 5 laptops) like anywhere else. Earning money will depend on your individual method, but you still need to support basic skills, so it's good for hobbyist bloggers and really commercial bloggers, right? I am new to affiliate marketing All basic functions are supportedSeems to be.

Another thing I felt while using affiliate marketing related plugins, Coupang Price has a short linkis. Among the WordPress plugins A plugin that shortens URLsThere are many. In addition, Affiliate relation PluginsAlso, these functions are usually supported by default. I haven't used a foreign one, but the fact that the shortlink function is installed means that the basic links of those affiliate marketing sites are long, right? However, Coupang Partners has a short link. Personally, I'm not sure what's the difference between long and short links, Other WordPress plugins support it as a function by default.If you think,'What is a well-made service?'

Coupang Partners Review
Coupang Partners Review

Revenue reports tend to be simple, such as the number of clicks and the amount of revenue. Like Google, it can be complicated if you are too detailed, and we usually focus on writing, so it seems that we just thought to be concise.

I must use Coupang Partners hard!

When it comes to foreign countries, affiliate marketing differs in the profit distribution ratio for each marketing site, and even if it is the same site, the distribution ratio is different for each type of product. I haven't looked for Coupang Partners either, but it probably is. Profit distribution is basically 3% Seems to give. The rocket directball is 8% and the gift card is 0.5%. I think you can think of it as 3%. First of all, I have posted links to Coupang Partners in the reviews of the items I have previously written. I'm not sure what will happen. I think that if you study more and work harder as time permits, you will have good results. Thank you.

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