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Coupang Partners 1 month review

Tears Coupang Partners 1 month review

Coupang Partners 1 month review. Coupang Partners Starting a month agoI did. After all, it is very difficult to make money... There are no purchases in one month. This is because, at best, I've just put Coupang links in the stuff I actually bought. That doesn't mean that Coupang has overwhelming popularity like any foreign Amazon. I would probably search around and find the lowest price.

Coupang Partners 1 month review

Of course, I don't know what will happen if my blog becomes more popular, but it's a month to realize that it won't be easy. People who teach blogging abroad say that affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money, but there is no way to make money easily in the world. And nowadays, as my own blog-related knowledge accumulates, I see such bloggers a bit negatively, so in the end, I think I was weak...

Oh, of course, as I said earlier, it's not enough to say that what I've done so far is affiliate marketing. It is almost the level of an alternative shopping mall when you see people who do real affiliate marketing abroad. It goes beyond just this level of simply'...a collection of 5 products~'. Among the Naver bloggers, Danawa sold the highest 5~ There were people like this, but it's not that much, and the site itself looks like a shopping mall. It just links to Amazon. I was really surprised when I saw it at first. And since Amazon is the overwhelming number one in foreign countries, if you use Amazon affiliate marketing, you can write appropriate descriptions and items that correspond to whatever your hobbies, but it is a little difficult in Coupang. Gmarket does not have affiliate marketing like this.

First of all, I cannot afford to do full-scale marketing right away, so I think I should focus more on writing a lot. When I have time, I keep trying to write, but I am not good enough and it is not easy. But little by little Developing I think I'll be happy for now. I will shorten the text here. Thank you.

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